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Epinette - All People That on Earth Do Dwell - Old 100th

musician/member name: Pets & Animals
Duration: 00:01:58
This is a mid 1500s French psalm tune, "Old Hundredth".
I'm playing a little French style six string "epinette des Vosges" using a wooden noter stick to fret only the two melody strings, in a traditional drone manner of playing. I'm using a very thin flexible triangle pick. I placed a small plain board on my lap to set the epinette upon, as this increases the resonance.
When playing mountain dulcimer in noter style, I tend to do a lot of sliding, and picking in both directions. However, this very old psalm seemed to me to ask for a more restrained zither treatment, so I am striking the pick very crisply in one direction only, with no Appalachian style noter sliding. ;)

I find it very satisfying to play old tunes in an uncomplicated way, and I hope it encourages others to discover the joy of playing music at home as well, no matter your skill level.
10/04/17 12:41:30PM @joyoussinger:

This is so lovely!

01/14/17 01:39:40PM @strumelia:

Thank you so much!   love

I wish i had way more available time to play music in my life.  Wish I could devote an hour a day each to dulcimer, epinette, bones, banjo, hummel, and pennywhistle.  
Though my musical progress seems always at a snail's pace due to lack of sufficient time to devote, I do at least practice them all enough to get by and to enjoy myself.  sun

01/14/17 05:26:44AM @sam:

Beautiful little instrument with great sound. I'm sure the board helps. Sweet sounding tune nicely played too!


12/17/16 06:02:39PM @bob:

Just lovely. Thank you!

05/07/16 02:15:30PM @strumelia:

Thanks Mary!   I confess I didn't listen to any modern versions of this hymn.  I only read the sheet music from an old hymnal site online.  There was only the plain melody line.

I tried not to overthink it all, but I realized that my usual oldtime style of busy in/out strumming would sound totally out of place for an old and simple hymn, so I just opted to do a very unadorned strum in one direction, with a full stroke across strings only occasionally.  John Henry's and Dave Rogers' spare but beautiful treatment of old hymns and tunes really inspire me.  :)

04/27/16 02:29:19PM @strumelia:

Thanks so much, friends.  :)

Dusty Turtle
04/27/16 01:14:58PM @dusty-turtle:

That's very pretty playing, Strumelia.  That song is perfect for the little epinette. This is quite moving, in fact.

Sheryl St. Clare
04/27/16 11:43:55AM @sheryl-st-clare:

I too just use a flat Sourwood board (Lindon tree of the south?). Nothing fancy but definitely amplifies my dulcimer. Poor man's amp. Liked your video, Lisa. That Orchid in the background's not too shabby either. I never got 'round to telling you how much I liked your bee video. Thanks for sharing.

Annie Deeley
04/16/16 02:43:21PM @annie-deeley:

More! More!

Terry Wilson
04/04/16 08:40:50AM @terry-wilson:

Strumelia,  I enjoyed listening to your song very much.  Very different, than the norm. But I love it.  

In the last few days, we have been presented an array of different playing styles and approaches to songs.  I find it very very refreshing. 

Thank you

John Henry
04/04/16 05:45:23AM @john-henry:

Cynthia W !!!    Your 'flip' remark about my appearance is unwarrented and

 Strumelia is a lot younger than I.

lol !!



John Henry
04/04/16 02:09:19AM @john-henry:

Like Randy, when I heard this it immediately took me back to my choirboy days.........a looong time ago now, I always liked its simplicity !.

As for my peculiar strumming technique...........I am still very aware of the many 'right and wrong' ways that various experts offer on how things should be done, but as by and large I've never had regular formal instruction , like dear old Frank S I tend to do it 'MY WAY !'    I never set out to strum in or out, what happens just happens !  And I do tend have a lot of the pick projecting from my grip?

I would add that most always if possible I 'sing' the tune in my head, which seems to influence the way I strum.........and the picture of that old choirmaster beating out those pauses and infills account for some of the 'twiddly' bits that creep in (and which so annoy some of my more 'polished' dulicmer playing friends)

Lisa, thanks for the tuning info, it was that wound string throwing me, and it WAS good to see that old timber come to life in your hands


(and for the those of you who have Emailed, while it may look similar to Robin C's new 'Heritage' range, I made the mean tone instrument I am playing in 2010 !   As I have said before, that fretting pattern suits me.........makes my playing just about bearable to me, lol!)

04/03/16 09:18:53PM @strumelia:


Cynthia Wigington
04/03/16 08:51:38PM @cynthia-wigington:

This is super Lisa. I was surprised when James played it, and here you are playing it too. I play it a lot - I like the feeling it gives me and you did a great job. You LOOK better than JH anyway lol. 

Randy Adams
04/03/16 08:45:42PM @randy-adams:

I have also attempted the inimitable style of John Henry, with less than satisfactory results.

As easy as he makes it look it shouldn't be that hard!.... : )

Lexie R Oakley
04/03/16 11:23:42AM @lexie-r-oakley:

So good to see you with your Epenette Lisa, I love how the simplicity can make a song ring.

Like Randy,  this song brings such good memories of my early church experience.

Very nice Lisa!

04/03/16 11:18:41AM @strumelia:

Thank you, friends.

I don't attend church myself, but I attended my neighbor's funeral service this past week. People seem to not want to sing anymore...whole bunch of folks looking in their hymnbooks and half-heartedly murmuring at best. tumbleweed When I listen to older hymn field recordings it seems almost everyone sang out regardless of their vocal skills, and the effect is quite powerful and moving, as Randy described.  Randy, I love your story and memories.

Simple as this tune is, I found it a real challenge to decide which notes to use a full articulated strum on, and to keep within that choice.  If I did a full strum on every note, or even on the first note of each measure, it sounded annoying and lifeless.  A case of 'less is more'.  It was not easy to avoid falling back into my comfortable 'constant strum' mode.  I find John Henry's strumming technique to be an inspiration- he has a wonderful alternating strum style that so sweet and lively...but it's a real challenge to imitate! sweating    It looks so completely effortless when he does it.   Well if I keep working at it surely I'll slowly improve.  I like to be always learning something new, even if that means it'll be a while before I'm any good at it.

Thanks for your encouragement!

Randy Adams
04/03/16 10:12:02AM @randy-adams:

My dad was a Methodist preacher. In 1959 or 60, when I was 8 yrs old, he accepted an appointment to a little country church called Lyona, 14 miles south of Junction City, so he could attend the St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City.  The area was settled by Germans. We lived there for 4 years and it was the happiest time of my childhood. Two creeks merged into one behind the parsonage and there was a Great Blue Heron rookery active in the summertime and a basketball gym next door.

Anyways, at the end of the first service we attended at Lyona the congregation sang what Methodists call the Doxology. I couldn't believe my ears. The power and sincerity and harmony in the way the congregation sang it moved me..... one of the few moving moments I experienced in church... : )...

I loved the melody and the words and still get the chills and other charged bodily symptoms when I hear it today. I play it occasionally on the dulcimer.

Love your version of it Lisa. Your instrument and playing style perfectly capture the true beauty of the melody.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Praise Him all creatures here below

Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts

Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost



04/03/16 08:46:18AM @strumelia:

John Henry:

Not bad for a beginner !   How are you tuned ?


John Henry joyjoy

I am tuned (from low to high, with 1 wound bass string):

G-d-gg-dd ...playing in ionian, key of G.


John Henry
04/03/16 03:44:57AM @john-henry:

Not bad for a beginner !    How are you tuned ?