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Nicaea hymn tune on penny whistle

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:18
John Bacchus Dykes composed this tune "Nicaea" in 1861, to accompany Reginald Heber's hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy".
I'm playing a Susato Kildare whistle in the key of A.
05/14/18 07:57:35PM @strumelia:

Thank you kindly, friends!  And Sam... good poem there!  yes

Cindy Stammich
05/14/18 07:34:07PM @cindy-stammich:

Love the song and this was really pretty!!!smiler

Christine Shoemaker
05/07/18 08:45:47PM @christine-shoemaker:

Nicely played!  clap

John Keane
04/28/18 06:13:43AM @john-keane:

That was very nicely done!

04/28/18 05:22:53AM @sam:

I though you'd never ask ... 

Pennyw'istle Play My Story

too-ah  weeeeee, ah-weee-ah, willa
too-ah  weeeeee, ah-weee-ah, will

I am old an' weak an' weary
Wi' nae will to lift my wing
So I turn this dark way dreary
Nae heart left in me to sing
toooooo  ah-too, ah-too

too-ah  weeeeee, ah-weee-ah, willa

I lairn't fay-ries how to conjure
Teach'd 'em peace an' love an' grace
Told 'em wisdom were to ponder
Bles't wi' kindness all their days
toooooo  ah-too, ah-too

too-ah  weeeeee, ah-weee-ah, willa

Now I play my pennyw'istle
Treddin' doon a dusty path
Cold winds 'round about me bristle
Bent agin' times pendin' wrath
toooooo  ah-too, ah-too

too-ah  weeeeee, ah-weee-ah, willa

I was laird o' all the kingdoms
Magic folk from ever' walk
Sought the pow'r that I could bring 'em
From my home across the loch
toooooo  ah-too, ah-too

too-ah  weeeeee, ah-weee-ah, willa
too-ah  weeeeee, ah-weee-ah, will

But worlds come and pass to glory
My day too has come an' gone
Time repeats her age old story
Now's th' time my story's done
toooo  ah-toooo ah-toooooooo...

04/27/18 10:10:19AM @strumelia:

I'd like to read that poem Sam- maybe you can post it here?

I guess I've been playing the whistle for about a year now- I consider myself a terribly slow learner on it since I don't practice that much, time-wise.   I find it's wise to know one's limitations- I stick with verrry simple melodies and minimal ornaments.  winky

04/27/18 05:14:41AM @sam:

SWEET !!! You've learned to play in an amazingly short time. I built a penny whistle once, never did learn to play it. I did write a poem about the penny whistle though.

Terry Wilson
04/24/18 08:29:50PM @terry-wilson:

Lisa, you know yourself that I tried penny whistle,  but failed miserably.  I found it just too difficult, and not willing to put the time in.

I also know when your journey began.  So to witness your progress to this point, I find just amazing.  I am happy for you.  Very happy.

04/23/18 02:59:43PM @elvensong:

I had a really hectic weekend so didn't visit the site. Look what I missed!

I LOVE the pennywhistle! You play beautifully!


" Unlike yourself, I had no prior associations in my head... so whatever came out had little context aside from what the stately and beautiful tune just seemed to suggest.  It's always nice to be able to hear a musical piece for the first time and see what it does in your head." 

It's amazing what happens when music is created with nothing other than the love of melody to guide you. Like you, I did not come from a church background, so I googled the song. I love your interpretation and am glad I got to hear it FIRST from you!

Now that I know your name:

Lisa, you should seriously consider Ariane's offer. I just listened to her addition of glockenspiel, kalimba, and the most amazing penny whistle to my song Cerise, Cerise. It brought me to my knees!

To hear you and Ariane play is such a treat! It sends goosebumps through me and can melt the coldest of hearts!


I can't wait to hear the amazing duet!


Thank you so much for sharing with us!  flute



04/23/18 11:24:46AM @ariane:

Strumelia - I surely would like to fly over but there is a significantly more favorable way which enables us to play a duet across the pond grin ...if you are interested please send me a private message.

04/23/18 10:09:31AM @strumelia:

Thank you so much Terry, Gordon, and Cynthia!  kiss

@ariane - I have no idea how that would technically be done, but if it's not too difficult for me, I'm willing to try.  It would have to be really simple, as I'm not very skilled yet- I don't even do 'rolls'.  I don't supposed you'd be flying out here to do it?  (LOL)  I have these nice low whistles in C, Bb, A, and G... all lower than the standard high D whistle.  I have none lower than G though.  My two longest whistles (A and G) have a single key on the lowest hole to make the finger stretch easier for me. It does however, make it really hard to half-hole that hole for accidentals.

04/23/18 10:01:06AM @strumelia:

@robin-thompson - that's interesting your comment about 'bringing something different to the song'.  Not having been raised with hymns in church, I had nothing to compare it to and had never heard it before. I worked entirely from first hearing Dan Cox's simple noter version, then checking that against the single melody line sheet music online.  Unlike yourself, I had no prior associations in my head... so whatever came out had little context aside from what the stately and beautiful tune just seemed to suggest.  It's always nice to be able to hear a musical piece for the first time and see what it does in your head.

@irene - how wonderful that you've added this to your repertoire!  I would so love to hear you play this with the bow on dulcimer... it's a perfect tune for that!

04/23/18 06:09:37AM @ariane:

Strumelia - what do you think about doing a whistle duet together soon? blue fluteblue flute

04/23/18 06:06:52AM @ariane:

Strumelia, very nicely done - you are making great progress on the whistle flute

04/22/18 10:31:53PM @irene:

Oh wonderful.  I listened to both, jumped right up and played on my dulcimer and with a bow next.  now added to the list of loved songs on the dulcimer. thank you.  aloha, irene

Terry Wilson
04/22/18 08:53:43PM @terry-wilson:

Wow..... Absolutely beautiful.

Gordon Hardy
04/22/18 06:58:14PM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you Lisa, this is indeed lovely! Great choice for a Sunday.

Cynthia Wigington
04/22/18 06:28:28PM @cynthia-wigington:

Thanks Lisa, very uplifting. You're sounding good on that penny whistle.

Robin Thompson
04/22/18 05:59:40PM @robin-thompson:

I love the little variations you used on this lovely old hymn, Strumelia!  Though I could sing a verse of this (as Holy, Holy, Holy) in my sleep, your play on whistle brought something very different to the song.  

04/22/18 04:49:46PM @dan:

Spot on!