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Jim Along Jocie (Hammons) gourd banjo, fiddle

musician/member name:
Duration: 00:04:06
Lisa on gourd banjo, Brian on fiddle.I learned this banjo tune from listening to a recording of Burl Hammons of West Virginia (1908-1993). This version bears almost no resemblance to the more familiar versions of "Jim Along Josie". I like it because it is spare but has a lot going on under the surface.I'm playing in F, 'sawmill tuning', on my pig-head gourd banjo. Brian plays fiddle tuned down.The tune starts out a bit rough, but warms up nicely by the hearth. Sorry about the dark fireside lighting. A little home made music, right before Christmas 2011.Now with Ultra-wide Low Drive!
06/26/13 09:26:19PM @strumelia:

Hi Sue, glad you liked it!

I primarily use thumb and index finger, but sometimes the middle finger gets used on the middle string or in brushes.

Sue Simms
06/26/13 08:34:32PM @sue-simms:

i see your claw that thumb and middle finger?

Sue Simms
06/26/13 08:33:22PM @sue-simms:

this is great!

Randy Adams
12/25/11 03:27:25PM @randy-adams:

Great to hear you & Brian playing the tune Lisa! Brian has such good tone w/fiddle...f'sure..... He oughta be famous... & rich... : ).... & your banjo playing is just clear as a bell. I don't have the BH recording...did he play Jim Along at this tempo?

cyndi spear-duncan
12/24/11 08:45:16PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
This is lovely
12/24/11 08:00:46PM @teri-west:

Love it! Great Christmas present on this quiet Christmas Eve!

John Keane
12/24/11 12:52:03PM @john-keane:

Great setting and wonderful playing...just as neat as it can be!

Dusty Turtle
12/24/11 12:32:11PM @dusty:

Well your banjo sounds great, but I can't really see it in the low light. Your playing kind of lopes along like a slow ride downhill on a mule. And kind of surprising how the songs doesn't end on the tonic, if my ears are hearing correctly today.