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Location: Llantrisant
Country: Wales

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Ble'r wyt ti'n myned? (Where are you going?)

Ble'r wyt ti'n myned? (Where are you going?)

style or instrument: Folkcraft Series H walnut/Engelmann spruce

musician/member name: Beth Thomas

streams: 38


This Welsh folk song (also known as Dau Rosyn Coch) is in the form of a conversation between a man and a milkmaid. He asks for a kiss and for her hand in marriage, before he learns that she has no money. She dissmisses him by saying that she hadn't asked him to marry her in the first place. Sorry I can't sing, but there are numerous versions of it out there if you want to listen to the words. This tune helped me discover what I could do with the 1.5 fret on my new dulcimer, and the greater volume range of my Folkcraft Series H.
Beth T
04/19/24 03:23:42AM @beth-t:

Jim Dickens:

Great job and a very nice sounding dulcimer 

Thanks Jim. I chose Engelmann spruce for the soundboard because I read it had good sustain, and I’m very happy with it.

Jim Dickens
04/18/24 06:55:08AM @jim-dickens:

Great job and a very nice sounding dulcimer 

04/15/24 09:00:03PM @jazzc:

Absolutely beautiful!  Thanks for sharing your playing with us.

Homer Ross
04/12/24 08:31:46PM @homer-ross:

Wonderful tune. You played it so well. Thanks for sharing the tune and for the description.

Robin Thompson
04/12/24 04:49:30PM @robin-thompson:

The haunting and emotional quality of this tune comes through-- you played it just right!