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Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering (ONLINE!)

Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering (ONLINE!)

Friday May 14 2021, 1:00 PM
@ Online
Attendees:  @Dusty Turtle@Mary Barnsdale@Lois Sprengnether Keel@D J Hamouris@Sam Edelston@Steve Eulberg

The Ninth Annual Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering will be held May 14-16, 2021, and will be online once again!  Join us from your living room (or your garden, or your office, or . . . )!  

Featured teaching artists: Aubrey Atwater on MD, Wendy Songe on MD, and Ilace Mears on HD

Faculty includes: Steve Eulberg , Heidi Muller , Erin Mae Lewis , Deborah "DJ" Hamouris , Dusty Thorburn , and Kay Bolin!

Faculty Concerts, May 14  & 15

Festival Workshops: May 15 & 16

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