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"DERRIERE CHEZ NOUS" Epinette des Vosges

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:33
I'm playing this French traditional tune on my Epinette des Vosges, a traditional French musical instrument related to Hummels, Appalachian Dulcimers and other fretted zithers world wide. I made the noter I'm using out of one side of a wood and spring clothes pin. I sanded the rougher side smoother and rounded its edges to slide over the frets easier, but then I spent some time breaking it in, harding up the slide side and getting used to how much to push down.
06/12/22 10:32:50AM @marg:

What size strings are you using - (two melody strings and first drone tuned to high G, number two drone C and my wound string octave lower G.)  - thanks. Are 'Epinette Des Vosges' usually played sounding high & with a noter? Are they ever played in D?

05/23/22 08:51:48AM @strumelia:

Wonderful, Gregg!

Gregg Schneeman
05/22/22 10:16:54PM @gregg-schneeman:

Thank you everyone for your interest in my epinette. It doesn't say anywhere I can see who made it, although its similar to Strumella's and others I've seen on YouTube the head stock and sound hole arraignment is slightly different. I have the two melody strings and first drone tuned to high G, number two drone C and my wound string octave lower G. My wife and I just finished playing with the "Ad Hoc Consort" at the "60th Anniversary Original Renaissance Faire" here in Southern California. This particular year our group lost its Drummer and I by default spent more time doing that job rather playing my Bowed Psaltery.  

Randy Adams
05/22/22 09:01:15PM @randy-adams:

You got some good old fashioned beautiful dissonance going on here. Extry nice!

steve c.
05/22/22 08:30:16PM @steve-c:

Wonderful Gregg!

Dusty Turtle
05/22/22 05:42:55PM @dusty:

A charming tune on a charming instrument.  Thanks for sharing, Gregg.

Robin Thompson
05/22/22 02:12:59PM @robin-thompson:

Ah, Gregg, this is a delight to see & hear!  Did you make the Epinette des Vosges? 

05/22/22 01:52:48PM @marg:

(one side of a wood and spring clothes pin)

I did that also

What are you tune to?