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Farewell to Whiskey (dulcimer & guitar)

Farewell to Whiskey (dulcimer & guitar)

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Dulcimer and guitar (Paul Wegman)First time through in a rehearsal to play together in a local restaurant. Paul wasn't familiar with the song and heard me play it on YouTube just prior. I just repeated the melody as a BASELINE continually. Just love what he does with it. He's a pro...I was so thrilled to play with him.
Janene Millen
10/19/17 05:08:28PM @janene-millen:

(Both Robins :-) and Bob) Thanks...and I am so envious of anyone who has partners to play with, especially GUITAR!!!  My husband plays trumpet and we haven't figured it out :-(


Robin Clark
10/17/17 12:19:12PM @robin-clark:

That's lovely!  I hope the gig went well smile

Robin Thompson
10/02/17 10:18:24PM @robin-thompson:

Way cool, Janene.  It is fun to play with a good guitarist.  :)

10/02/17 10:08:19AM @bob:

Sounds Terrific!!! clap