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Lord Gregory

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:05:55
very old song with a variety of versions and verses, origins in Scotland and Ireland. Jean Ritchie sang a version of it as "Annie of Lochroyan". Part of Child's Ballad collection as #76. A poor, young maid with a sick child, seeks her lover's protection (Lord Gregory) and is turned away "at the door" by his mother, and told to drown herself. He finds out and rushes to intervene....a variety of endings are possible.
Simerman dulcimer tuned to C-G-C
Janene Millen
04/18/19 09:30:23PM @janene-millen:

Dusty Turtle:

You should think about developing materials to teach how to accompany singing with the dulcimer. ........I'm still waiting to hear of your CD! 

Thanks Dusty!  I have made a couple of video tutorials (kind of randomly) on some songs and tidbits about strumming & picking as I do etc. I taught a class at the Poconos Dulcimer Festival last year on the subject.  Developed LOTS of materials (too many). Need to be more succinct in the future.  I have started a blog (where I've linked to the videos & song sheets) where I can pontificate on my song choices, favorite artists, some song history etc. Thanks for the suggestion about the tutorials/materials...I think I'll give it another go...it's a challenging learning experience to try to teach it (you have that experience), and my approach is/should be so simple.   I HAVE started a CD, kind of...I have 4 cuts so far.  That's been a challenging experience as well. Had surgery in January and postponed going back, it's with a local guitar teacher who has a "studio".

Dusty Turtle
04/18/19 12:18:52PM @dusty-turtle:

This is so nice, Janene.  You should think about developing materials to teach how to accompany singing with the dulcimer.  You have a really creative approach that offers chordal and rhythmic accompaniment in a manner that I think a lot of dulcimer players would love to learn. 

Oh, and I'm still waiting to hear of your CD!  Maybe I'll ask your husband to buy you studio time for your next birthday present.

Janene Millen
04/17/19 01:06:33PM @janene-millen:

thanks Steven and Irene.  I've had this for a few years..trying to figure out how to play it.

04/16/19 11:04:57PM @irene:

WOAH, this was awesome.   I love how you play and sing....and love the old ballads.  verses indicate that the old mean mother drowned the maid....sigh.  But he loved her non the less and went to join her. aloha, irene

Steven Berger
04/16/19 04:52:47PM @steven-berger:

Wonderfully played and sung, Janene!