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Robert Burns Medley

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:02
Medley of songs by Robert Burns, played on a Kurt Simerman mountain dulcimer.
Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation; MacPerson's Lament; Mirk, Mirk the Midnight Hour; Comin Thro the Rye; Westlin Winds
J. Andy Crandall
03/05/20 10:52:16PM @j-andy-crandall:


Great music greatly played.

02/27/20 08:57:28PM @chas5131:

Superb.  Thank you

Terry Wilson
02/11/20 04:30:17PM @terry-wilson:

I would love to hear you do “A Fond kiss.”

”The Old Churchyard”, too.

But if I could choose only one, “A Fond Kiss.”

If you would be so kind, please sing along with the music.  Your voice would be perfect for this song.

update:  I just found it from 4 years ago.

oh my, it’s wonderful.  You should be full of yourself.  Beautifully done.

thank you.


Janene Millen
02/11/20 09:49:11AM @janene-millen:

Terry Wilson:  My favorite is , “A fond kiss.”

Terry, thanks so much, and I had to go back 4 years to see that I had posted "Ae Fond Kiss" on FOTMD and you had made a comment about "The Old Church Yard".  I remember listening to it back then, and I am looking for more traditional tunes to try...had run into a dry patch with those...I am going to work on this one.  Thanks for the suggestion.


Terry Wilson
02/10/20 09:08:43PM @terry-wilson:

Janine, what a lovely tune.  A true tearjerker.  You are indeed a mighty fine artist.

I love about anything Robert Burns.  My favorite is , “A fond kiss.”

Janene Millen
01/24/20 09:30:07AM @janene-millen:

Thanks Dusty.

Mirk is a favorite of mine.  I sang it and posted it 5 years ago here. thanks for listening to the medley.

Dusty Turtle
01/23/20 04:28:29PM @dusty-turtle:

Stellar playing!  I don't think I've ever heard "Mirk the Midnight Hour" before. What a haunting melody.

Great stuff!

01/23/20 07:33:37AM @macaodha:

Beautiful Jan, great playing lovely selection of tunes.

Steven Berger
01/23/20 07:25:14AM @steven-berger:

Great playing, Janene! Thanks!

Janene Millen
01/22/20 03:45:53PM @janene-millen:

Happy Birthday Robert Burns (January 25)