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Arkladulcifest 2017 -(AR)

Arkladulcifest 2017 -(AR)

Thursday June 8 2017, 2:00 PM
@ Benton, Arkansas
Attendees:  @John Keane

The 3rd annual "Arkladulcifest" will be held June 8-10 (2017) at Congo Road Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas (just west of Little Rock). This is an entirely family-oriented event, so bring the whole crew (beginners are especially welcome). Pre-registration fees are $100 per adult, and $75 for ages 7-17. More than one child per family reduces the fee to $50 per child (children MUST be accompanied by an adult). Please note that pre-registration is encouraged as the fees will be slightly higher for on-site registrations. There will be an application posted in 2017. Linda Brockinton, Karen Keane, and I hope that you will continue to support and enjoy this festival. We are also proud to have Bing Futch, Duane Porterfield, Richard Ash, and Cory Craig on the 2017 staff.  Please invite your friends to join the Arkladulcifest Facebook group for information and updates!

John Keane
02/26/17 04:17:42PM @john-keane:

Joan Janowich:

What is website where I would register myself and husband???

Our Facebook page is a great way to keep up with the latest information (we're the only Arkladulcifest on there, so we're easy to find lol).  I'm also attaching a file to this post with registration information and class schedules. 


Joan Janowich
02/14/17 07:36:50AM @joan-janowich:

What is website where I would register myself and husband???

10/31/16 08:09:09AM @terry:

You know I'll be there!