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@Janene Millen, 05/04/16 09:37:37AM
John--I will be a student at KMW and saw you and Karen on the roster of instructors. Although I won't be in any of your classes, I hope to meet you at some point during the week among the chaos. The chaos is all mine since I'll have my hubby and 5 dogs and 2 birds at the RV park. It's our one FAMILY "music vacation" in the year. But also means I won't be taking part in all the activities offered...with so many mouths to feed etc etc. :-) Anyway, hope to see you there!
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@Blondie, 04/28/16 08:31:13PM
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@Jill Geary, 04/13/16 03:32:46PM
Hi John - my sister and I are taking your Native American Flute class at KMW this summer. I had a question regarding the size and purchase of a flute but I don't know how to contact you? Thanks John.
Jill Geary
San Diego
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@Mark Runge, 01/02/16 03:13:05PM
Really big smiles and lots of hugs and love to y'all from us!