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Backwards Betty LIVE from Louisiana

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:34
"Backwards Betty" performed sing-along style by Bing Futch (resonator dulcimer) and John & Karen Keane (mountain dulcimers).
John Keane
05/03/16 09:53:43PM @john-keane:

Thanks Helen!  We had a blast!

Helen Seiler
05/03/16 06:25:15PM @helen-seiler:

What a great sing along guys. That song was just made for some slide playing.

John Keane
04/22/16 06:51:23AM @john-keane:

Thanks Jill!  I'll shoot you an email.  I'm lookin' forward to seeing y'all there!

John Keane
04/21/16 09:35:08PM @john-keane:

Dusty, we thank you so much for checkin' it out!  We tend to have a great time when we get together.  thumbsup

Dusty Turtle
04/21/16 07:36:04PM @dusty-turtle:

Lot's o' fun!  Cool!

Terry Wilson
04/21/16 06:51:44PM @terry-wilson:

John Keane:

Thanks Terry!  I thought that Bing did some GREAT work with the resonator.


Watching his fingers is an amazing experience. 

John Keane
04/21/16 05:31:07PM @john-keane:

Thanks Terry!  I thought that Bing did some GREAT work with the resonator.

Terry Wilson
04/21/16 04:33:44PM @terry-wilson:

Great music, John.  Really enjoyable to watch and listen.   

John Keane
04/21/16 06:08:59AM @john-keane:

Thanks Lexie!  We all kind of adopted each other about five years ago and love putting the "band" back together whenever and wherever we can.

Lexie R Oakley
04/20/16 07:09:57PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Great song, you 3 have way lot of FUN!!! Thanks for sharing your time with us. jive