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Facebook, Cursed Facebook! Arkladulcifest 2016

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:28
John & Karen Keane performing this tune for the first time in public at Arkladulcifest 2016 held in Benton, Arkansas. The uke and dulcimer blend is not a common pairing...yet.
John Keane
06/21/16 09:25:36AM @john-keane:

Thanks Helen (and Karen)!  I really like the combined sounds of these instruments!

Helen Seiler
06/20/16 04:06:30PM @helen-seiler:

Great song guys and you're n a winner with uke and dulcimer, very cool.

Karen Keane
06/19/16 06:35:20PM @karen-keane:

Another great hit, John!  I am still partial to "Mama I Just Threw Up on the Couch"!  Hee, Hee

John Keane
06/19/16 05:53:38PM @john-keane:

Thanks just kinda happens with no reason (but hopefully a little rhyme lol).  We appreciate you checkin' it out!  Patty, that would be great!

Patty from Virginia
06/19/16 04:40:32PM @patty-from-virginia:

John, I would love to come out your all's least close. That's the plan.

Dusty Turtle
06/19/16 01:20:56PM @dusty-turtle:

There is something wrong with clicking the I "like" this video.

Nice job, guys. I wish my songwriting could incorporate your sense of humor.

John Keane
06/19/16 08:43:03AM @john-keane:

Thanks Terry!  We tend to enjoy stuff lol.  We were particularly excited about combining the dulcimer and uke sounds.  I think they sound pretty good together.

Terry Wilson
06/18/16 06:58:49PM @terry-wilson:

Never been into Facebook, but still enjoyed your song.

I tell ya, y'all having way too much fun. Ought to be illegal.  Citizens arrest.  Citizens arrest.

John Keane
06/18/16 07:36:31AM @john-keane:

Thanks Patty!  We're gonna have to get into your neck of the woods sometime soon!

Patty from Virginia
06/17/16 09:25:13PM @patty-from-virginia:

A song that is true, lol. FB can be a blessing and a curse. It can be a big time least for me. I like this (and I like Rob's Dr. Phil song). Looks like you all are having a great time and I'm sure the audience is enjoying your performance. I know I am via video. Thanks for sharing!!!!