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Evart 2016 - John & Karen Keane

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:11:16
Dedicated to the memory of Steve Ash.
John Keane
08/13/16 06:40:37PM @john-keane:

Thanks Terry!

Terry Wilson
08/11/16 02:18:48PM @terry-wilson:

Hey folks, enjoyed your song very much.  Always on top of your game.

John Keane
08/09/16 07:38:46AM @john-keane:

Thanks Dusty!  Most of the time our set is made from trying to fit into the time constraints of a particular show, so sometimes we get lucky lol.  Our whole lives have been musical journeys, but we're really enjoying this particular segment of those journeys for sure.  Thank you so much for checkin' it out!  We have SO got to get out to California one of these days.

Dusty Turtle
08/09/16 01:37:50AM @dusty-turtle:

You two sure are seasoned pros now.  And to think I knew you when you were just speckled pups.

Nice job, as always.  I love the mix of material you chose.

John Keane
08/03/16 07:18:37AM @john-keane:

Thanks Marc!  We'll get up there one of these days!

Marc Mathieu
08/02/16 10:12:00PM @marc-mathieu:

clapperThat was fun to watch J & K !  thumbsup

You's were getting closer to Ontario .... 

John Keane
08/02/16 06:55:36PM @john-keane:

Thanks Helen!  I think that everyone has their standard "go to" tunes for sure.  We deal with limited performance times at festivals so it mostly comes down to what songs fit into X amount of time.  In a full concert we get to broaden the selections a bit.  At a four hour farmers market gig you'll hear us play tunes that no one even knows that we play lol!  Thanks for givin' us a listen.

Helen Seiler
08/02/16 05:23:41PM @helen-seiler:

Great performance and video guys. It sounds like you had a nice audience too. I love how you always present such a fresh concert performance. I struggle with that at times. I have 25 tunes but just seem to get stale.. forgetting that for my audience down here its probably he first time they have even heard a dulcimer let alone each tune. Well done. clapper

John Keane
08/01/16 11:54:44AM @john-keane:

Thanks Lexie!  The summer weather in Michigan is delightful, but the wind can make playing the Native American flute outdoors quite an adventure.

Lexie R Oakley
08/01/16 11:32:42AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nice dedication to Steve Ash. Sounds really good guys!