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Turquoise Mist

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:27
John & Karen Keane performing at Arkladulcifest 2018 in Benton, Arkansas. Though no mountain dulcimer is used in this song, it features an instrument that (along with Native American-style flute) has been creeping into the folk music scene lately...the tongue drum. It has a really "dreamy" quality of sound. This is for all those who enjoy unique blends of sound.
John Keane
07/26/18 08:13:20AM @john-keane:

Thank y'all so much!

06/25/18 12:44:09PM @patg:

love   Beautiful

Christine Shoemaker
06/25/18 10:26:51AM @christine-shoemaker:

So peaceful, so lovely.  clap   Thank you, John and Karen!  

Terry Wilson
06/21/18 08:37:11AM @terry-wilson:

Very, very pretty.  Karen, I love your NAF playing.  Always have.

Your video prompted me to play one for the first time in well over a year.  Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of the NAF.


John Keane
06/18/18 07:31:41AM @john-keane:

Thank you, Ariane!  It is a very unique sound.

06/18/18 04:00:04AM @ariane:

It is so beautiful, John & Karen, one immediately starts dreaming...flower

John Keane
06/17/18 03:21:58PM @john-keane:

Thank y'all so much!  Dusty, it IS pentatonic, but major rather than minor (like the flute is).  Elvensong, we have many dulcimer and flute pairings (and two books on that very thing as well).  You can hear such on our videos right here on FOTMD (just look at our video archive on my page, or on You Tube under tubakeane.  The books are available from Folkcraft or through Amazon (Dulciflute & Dulciflute 2).  We appreciate y'all giving it a listen! 

06/17/18 12:55:07PM @elvensong:

I have a friend who plays Native American flute and it meshes really well with the dulcimer. Do you two have any tunes with that comibination?

This is very soothing music. Thank you!

Dusty Turtle
06/17/18 12:41:38PM @dusty:

"Dreamy" is right, John.  Is the tongue drum pentatonic like the NAF?

Your percussive skills really show through here.  Nice job.  And you and Karen always accompany each other very well. What a joy to listen to.