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Project: Folk Strings! November Update

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:47
The Herndon Magnet School Folk Strings class started the 2019-2020 school year as beginners. This is an update on our progress so far this year.
John Keane
11/27/19 08:23:26PM @john-keane:

Thank y'all very much for the kind words!  We are having fun learning, and they make me proud.  I find myself forgetting sometimes that they just started in August!  I will pass the comments along to them.

11/27/19 07:37:31AM @ariane:

Great to see the impressing development of your student's playing!

Terry Wilson
11/25/19 09:14:01AM @terry-wilson:

John, you and “your students” are amazing.  What an impact you will prove to have on these kids lives forever.  Wonderful.

John Keane
11/21/19 05:26:05PM @john-keane:

Thanks Dusty!  I am obsessed with right-hand technique (a fact that the kids will attest to lol).  I couldn't be any prouder of them for coming this far in such a short time.  You are absolutely correct about the doo-wop progression.  There are THOUSANDS of songs from that era that use the exact same chord progression.

Dusty Turtle
11/21/19 12:56:53PM @dusty-turtle:

Sounds great, John.  Getting those kids to develop a strong and steady right-hand strumming technique will provide a solid foundation for playing so many different instruments later on. Kudos to you!

And I was singing along with your doo-wop progression, but I switched tunes about 4 times.  It's amazing how many hit tunes from the 50s and 60s used that same progression.

John Keane
11/21/19 05:37:18AM @john-keane:

Thank y'all very much!

11/21/19 05:19:55AM @dan:


Steven Berger
11/20/19 09:27:30PM @steven-berger:

Kudos to the kids.....and, to you, John!clapyes

John Keane
11/20/19 09:06:56PM @john-keane:

Thanks Ken!  This class is an absolute blast!

Ken Longfield
11/20/19 08:22:40PM @ken-longfield:

You're doing well with your students, John. What a great job they are doing. Keep up the good work.


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