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MacPherson's farewell

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Duration: 00:00:53
Still new to the dulcimer and absolutely loving it. this is a recording I made for my cousin. One of my favourite pieces I am working on "MacPherson's farewell"
Played on a McSpadden walnut with redwood top, CgC
12/19/15 05:23:26AM @monica:

Love the sound of this instrument. ALl of your music is very soothing and lovely!!! Thanks for posting Maria

Thank you Maria, I saw your message about the redwood. I think it has a beautiful tone and it would definitely be my first choice over all walnut. It not only looks but sounds beautiful. Go for it . 

12/19/15 03:05:39AM @sleepingangel:

Love the sound of this instrument. ALl of your music is very soothing and lovely!!!

Thanks for posting


07/13/15 05:54:22AM @monica:

Thank you Nadine 

07/13/15 02:27:55AM @nadine:

McPherson's Farewell is a lovely tune and you played it beautifully.

07/11/15 07:22:20PM @monica:

Thank you for listening Dan-Harris.

07/02/15 06:33:41AM @monica:

Thank you leslie. I hope to hear you play as well.

06/24/15 08:18:24PM @monica:

Thank you Cynthia. I used to play a little guitar and piano, but I have to say my dulcimer playing is better. Thank you for your encouraging words.

Cynthia Wigington
06/24/15 02:23:31PM @cynthia-wigington:

Monica really lovely, you are clearly a musician already if you're new to the dulcimer. Hope to hear more videos from you, great tune too.

06/23/15 08:01:48PM @monica:

Thank you for listening Helen .

Helen Seiler
06/23/15 07:31:30PM @helen-seiler:

Lovely playing Monica Thanks for sharing

06/17/15 07:07:47PM @monica:

 Thanks for listening Brian ...and Janene..that is a nice compliment .

Janene Millen
06/17/15 07:01:52PM @janene-millen:

Monica--this is one of my favorite songs as well...and the story is so so sad.  Your playing is very sensitive.

Brian G.
06/17/15 05:08:00PM @brian-g:

Very nice, Monica!

06/17/15 02:43:05PM @monica:

Thank you for your encouraging words Lexie blush

Lexie R Oakley
06/17/15 01:20:33PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Monica, very beautiful tune. You have a very soft touch and seem to be doing well, I am sure your cousin will love it.thumbsup  Keep up the sweet sounds of your dulcimer.

06/16/15 01:54:18PM @monica:

Thank you Gordon , Ken  and Paul ,for listening 

Paul Killian
06/16/15 12:27:02PM @paul-killian:

Very nice. Thanks for posting.

Gordon Hardy
06/16/15 10:49:14AM @gordon-hardy:

Monica, that's a lovely tune. Your playing has such a beautiful, light touch. Thank you


Ken Backer
06/16/15 10:26:49AM @ken-backer:

Real pretty playing, Monicaclap

06/16/15 07:35:37AM @monica:

Thank you,I appreciate your words Lauren, It is so joyful to play.