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Arrane Y Chlean, Manx Lullaby, chord-melody version

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:15
Arrane y Chlean , Manx Lullaby, arranged by Carol Walker.
02/22/17 08:51:49PM @monica:

Thank you Jennifer .

Jennifer Ranger
02/22/17 07:02:11PM @jennifer-ranger:


02/11/17 07:56:47AM @monica:

Thanks for listening Benjamin, Gail and Mary !! sun

Benjamin W Barr Jr
02/10/17 09:44:31PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:


Gail Webber
02/10/17 08:47:35PM @gail-webber:

Really nice, Monica!


Mary MacGowan
02/10/17 07:13:02PM @mary-macgowan:

So charming, just lovely!

02/07/17 10:18:45AM @monica:

Thanks Irene, I left out the word Cat..but he was as big as my current dog. I would have dug that hole myself..I could tell you stories . I bought the treadle during my sewing craze. Maybe one day...

02/07/17 10:14:32AM @monica:

Thank you Robin, Indeed they are!!sun

02/06/17 10:59:33PM @irene:

boy, sure wouldn't have a dog like that!! He'd not have lasted long in Tonga, he would have been in the Umu pit and at the next luau if he attacked guests as they were leaving your house. wow.  Keep looking for a all together treadle sewing machine.  I've fixed many.  get the make and put the info on the can get the parts and find someone to teach you how to fix it.  aloha, irene

Robin Thompson
02/06/17 10:12:51PM @robin-thompson:

Such a pretty lullaby nicely played, Monica!  (Jerry's dulcimers are a pleasure to play, too!) 

01/31/17 05:03:30PM @monica:

Thanks dusty, I know it isn't drone per se, but it is an alternate version to what I posted the other day which  is called the finger style, so I dubbed this the drone they both have the same name.

Dusty Turtle
01/31/17 04:47:48PM @dusty-turtle:

That's beautiful playing, Monica.  Nice job. 

You are definitely not playing in a drone style, though, for you employ numerous very colorful chords throughout the piece.

01/31/17 03:36:26PM @monica:

Thanks Steven sun

Steven Berger
01/31/17 02:38:59PM @steven-berger:




01/31/17 01:43:54PM @monica:

Thank you Irene and Gordon, so glad you enjoyed it. I love playing these songs. Irene unfortunately I was misled when I bought the treadle machine. So many pieces are missing, nevertheless it makes for a nice show piece. I t sounds like you have had an adventurous life . I always dreamed of going to the Tongan Islands. I actually had a Black cat many years ago that I named Avanga, supposedly the Tongan word for revenge. He was really nasty and would attack guests as they were leaving.

Gordon Hardy
01/31/17 12:40:02PM @gordon-hardy:

Monica, that is a lovely lullaby and played so well. What a pleasure it is to listen to.

01/31/17 11:35:13AM @irene:

just beautiful!!!  and love the other things in the background...treadle sewing machine...used these for years as I had no electric power in Tonga when I lived there the first time and when we lived in our little grass shack in Hawaii and then for 10 years in Hawaii in our "temporary" house.  We finally made electric power from the stream.  aloha, irene