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B minor Drone walnut flute

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:00:57
B minor Drone walnut ( )

Not a dulcimer, but it was a Dulcimer player (thanks Maria) that opened the door to this beautiful instrument.
03/01/17 05:02:00PM @monica:

Thank you Gail and Mary and yes medieval is what I was trying to evoke.

Thank you Jan. She is one of the dolls I made a couple of years ago. I would love to see a photo of your doll collection!

Jan Potts
02/28/17 08:35:31PM @jan-potts:

I, too, like it and I think that little figure by the waving fern liked it, too!  Besides instruments and rocks and shells and books--and lots of other "stuff"--I also collect dolls, so this really caught my eye as your fine music was catching my ear!

Mary MacGowan
02/28/17 06:41:17PM @mary-macgowan:

Very pretty and very medieval sounding!

Gail Webber
02/28/17 11:57:57AM @gail-webber:

Very nice, Monica! 


02/26/17 08:33:05PM @monica:

Thanks Steven .

Steven Berger
02/26/17 05:02:52PM @steven-berger:

Sounds real good, Monica!