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Barnyard-Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:57
Flop Eared Mule, Flying Hog Reel, Cluck Old Hen, Turkey in the Straw, Old Yeller Dog
Phil Myers
09/17/12 08:54:54AM @phil-myers:

Randy, I like the way you think. Thanks for the insight. "More" does not always equal "better" and I think that is particularly true of the dulcimer.

Kristi Keller
09/16/12 10:44:31PM @kristi-keller:

I wonder if my great grandfather played those tunes on his fiddle. He was a riverboat carpenter on the Ohio River. All I know is Pop Blackard played fiddle and had a red beard. You've given me another dimension. Thanks for sharing the music.

Randy Adams
09/16/12 02:31:10PM @randy-adams:

"Whenever I play these kind of fiddle tunes, I try to think of ways to add variety instead of playing them 3 times the same way. Laziness has guided me to put several together rather than having to think too much about different ways to play each song."

Alright then Phil! First let me say I enjoy listening to you play the tunes. I sure like that Flying Hog Reel. You play the tunes with a feel and an honesty I like to hear.

Second...I'm not sure it's laziness! In my case anyways I prefer to not think so! At one time I felt compelled to devise various ways to play a tune....the more complicated the better. Don Pedi has had a profound influence on my playing and on my general outlook on the tunes and he told me a few years back "I just play the tune." That freed me from the compulsion to think I had to play something fancier each time thru the tune.

When I'm learning a tune I generally fall into a way I like to play it...that's comfortable for me.... and about the only variations I do are mostlyrhythmic. I don't want to play anything too hard! I'll adjust things and make it easier for me to play within the confines of my ability.

Don't get me wrong, I like to hear Steve Siefert and Aaron O'Rourke play the bejesus outa the tunes, and if I had that kind of ability and the desire to play like that or if I had to make my living playing the music I probly would work at it. My comfort level right now is "just play the tune."

John Henry
09/14/12 03:16:39PM @john-henry:

Hi Heather, I'm just a simple chap, but do I understand that you wish to be kept up to speed on happenings at Downton ? know that chap with the bad arm proposed to the second daughter, and 'tother ran or'f with the chauffeur, and the butler killed a prison guard while inside ? It seems that suddenly out of the blue the estate............ darn, the phone, back later !

Stay with me Heather Elaine


John Henry
09/14/12 01:52:05PM @john-henry:

The quality of that medely stands alone, and should not be considered alongside the ensuing discussion !106.gif I consider my knuckles rapped ! sorry Phil, (but you started itSmile.gif lol,PETA indeed)

apologies Phil

from a contrite JohnH

Cheryl Johnson
09/14/12 12:56:18PM @cheryl-johnson:

The discussion of your lovely medely has spiraled down the drain! :) :)

09/14/12 12:11:05PM @mandy:

Hey I never said anything about eating a dog. EWWWW.109.gif Though I know in some cultures it's fine. To each his own.

But yeah I'm all for PETA - YUM !113.gif

John Henry
09/14/12 09:55:07AM @john-henry:

Duh ! I asked for that!!! Should've known who would reply LOL ! Oh well, they would never have been big enough to turn the spit at Downton ! ( blast from the past for me on Sun, Shirley MacLaine joins the cast 105.gif )


Ken Hulme
09/14/12 09:20:53AM @ken-hulme:

Mule's a bit stringy and tough - like old goat. But dog -- now there's some fine eatin'. That's why chihuahua's are the size they are, ya know.... one per stewpot. No joke. Bred to be a convenient meal-sized package.

John Henry
09/14/12 08:52:12AM @john-henry:

Works for me Phil! (tho' I can't recollect eatin' mule or dog, who knows what was in tha last Doner Kebab ?)


Phil Myers
09/14/12 08:32:47AM @phil-myers:

Thanks for all the kind words, y'all! Whenever I play these kind of fiddle tunes, I try to think of ways to add variety instead of playing them 3 times the same way. Laziness has guided me to put several together rather than having to think too much about different ways to play each song.

Mandy, if you follow up with the tunes you suggested, you could call it the PETA medley:






Marc Mathieu
09/13/12 10:30:40PM @marc-mathieu:

Way 2 GO Phil !!! Looking 4ward when we can meet again to play all these fun tunes together...

09/13/12 09:03:21AM @mandy:

That is some FINE PICKIN' THERE SIR! I loved your version of Cluck, and that was some great stuff on Turkey too. Grin.gif

Sounds like a perfect follow up would be Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy, Shove that Pigs Foot a Little Further into the Fire, Beans Bacon and Gravy, Bake that Chicken Pie, and more.24.gif

John Henry
09/11/12 11:48:44AM @john-henry:

Thanks for posting Phil, 41.gif41.gif41.gif


Dana R. McCall
09/11/12 10:07:13AM @dana-r-mccall:

That was so HAPPY and FUN I LOVED it! You put it together GREAT!

Jim Fawcett
09/11/12 07:59:02AM @jim-fawcett:

Nice going Phil... really a joy to listen to.

Gayle Maurer
09/10/12 11:12:13PM @gayle-maurer:

How fun! It makes me want to go practice some more. Very inspiring!

Jan Potts
09/10/12 03:32:17AM @jan-potts:

What fun! I just love to see a dulicmer player lookin' happy while makin' music!

09/10/12 01:00:59AM @sam:

AWrighty then ... everything but Old McDonald. Nice transitions, you made 'er all work. Loved the whole vid!

Mary Z. Cox
09/09/12 10:28:34PM @mary-z-cox:
Love those animal tunes :)Mzc