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A British ballad played on a Keith Young dulcimer tuned DAA.
Patty from Virginia
03/17/18 10:46:03AM @patty-from-virginia:

Beautiful!!! Thanks Rob for singing to us!!! 

Rob N Lackey
03/01/18 04:16:49PM @rob-n-lackey:

Thanks, Janene, Jeff.

Jennifer.... Keith Young made a great instrument and was a great guy.  He did some repair work for me on my Fred Martin many years ago.  

Irene.... thanks for those kind comments. I do like to think of myself as a balladeer or troubadour; sometimes I might even make it to that level.

02/28/18 12:10:43AM @irene:

A true balladeer.  I loved how you sang this song and played....keeping the interest and showing your face.  yeah.  So many of the songs that I see on this site ONLY show the dulcimer being played but not the face.   Thank you for your example.   aloha, irene

jeffrey charles foster
02/27/18 09:59:43PM @jeffrey-charles-foster:



Janene Millen
02/27/18 02:30:54PM @janene-millen:

Rob...I can't believe how we are drawn to the same songs.  I just worked out a version of this...a little different...didn't know you had one posted here. I enjoyed hearing yours very much!

Jennifer Ranger
02/27/18 11:34:57AM @jennifer-ranger:

Very nice indeed!  Thank you so much for posting!  I've got a Keith Young too, and I LOVE it.