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Noter & Drone - common session keys and modes - Part A.wmv

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Duration: 00:13:19
Tuning for sessions - Part A Watch on Youtube for higher quality
Gayle Maurer
09/18/12 07:59:50PM @gayle-maurer:

I know this has been on here a couple months, but I just found it. Very informative. I haven't actually tried much noter/drone yet, but will. The dulcimer is so versatile! I have never found an instrument with as many styles of playing. Something for everyone. I am sure I will watch these two parts again. Thanks!

Robin Thompson
06/24/12 10:54:19AM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks for A&B, Robin! You've given most helpful tips for beginners and experienced players. I greatly appreciate all you're doing with noter & drone instruction!

John Keane
06/23/12 09:55:32AM @john-keane:

VERY well done!

06/21/12 10:43:12AM @strumelia:

Well done Robin- so helpful and clearly thought out. this will help traditional players especially, for years to come.

Robin Clark
06/21/12 10:10:41AM @robin-clark:

Many thanks for your comments and encouragement Smile.gif

I have put the videos and some additional notes on a new teaching page in the Old Style Drone and Noter group here:

Rob N Lackey
06/21/12 05:33:06AM @rob-n-lackey:

Robin, GREAT presentation. You are just a great player but a great teacher as well. You have presented the material in an easy to understand manner. I hope you videos get 1000 views in the 1st week!


Rick Kennedy
06/21/12 02:52:44AM @rick-kennedy:

Great videos, Robin!!--I am going to watch them over and over--I already stayed up much beyond bedtime watching/learning--maybe my subconscious will process the information better...Your materials are always so helpful.

Cheryl Johnson
06/20/12 08:04:28PM @cheryl-johnson:


Just wanted to say I greatly appreciate your videos A & B. They are very helpful and well thanks for putting this together!! You are really filling a learning/information void for the noter/drone style of playing (especially in terms of modes/keys) as there is not a ton of information available. Most of what is published is more along the lines of modern styles of I'm most thankful for all you share with us.



John Henry
06/20/12 03:52:57PM @john-henry:

Clear and concise Robin, lots of thought shown here, well worth your effort ! (I might even take up noter/drone playing now !!)

Thank you for posting