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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Circleville-duet on guitar and PVMB

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Robin Thompson
01/20/18 05:10:57PM @robin-thompson:

@Wiseraven2000  I'm glad you liked our porch music-- thank you for the kind comment! 

terry ritchey
01/20/18 02:45:00PM @wiseraven2000:

This is nice in the days of rap electric guitar and everything else synthesizers and all that nice to get down to basic music and I love your style

Robin Thompson
01/23/16 06:24:35PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you for the nice comment, Anne! 

Anne Bowman
01/23/16 05:45:24PM @anne-bowman:

That was lovely!


Robin Thompson
08/30/13 10:38:44PM @robin-thompson:
FOTMD fellows, thank you, thank you! Y'all are the best. <3We're practicing this tune, hoping the duo works. . .Strumelia, some folks in my hometown have heard this and have been more than generous with praise. It's sweet and humbling. . .
08/30/13 08:21:31AM @strumelia:

I especially love the smiling. You two are so obviously having a wonderful time while playing this fantastic tune. The timing quirks are terrific in this tune.

Your hometown should be made aware of this composition, really.

Robin Thompson
08/26/13 11:31:56AM @robin-thompson:
Thanks again to y'all for your kind words and support! I'm sure we all have life difficulties that threaten to pull us under sometimes. Friends and music can help sustain us all.
Robin Thompson
08/26/13 11:26:07AM @robin-thompson:
Glad you enjoyed it, Chuck! Thank you for listening and taking time to comment.
Chuck Moseley
08/26/13 08:31:47AM @chuck-moseley:

Wow Robin! Another great song from you guys! I really love listening to the two of you. Fantastic job.Grin.gif

Robin Thompson
08/20/13 12:21:35AM @robin-thompson:
Thank you, fellas! There's nothing like making music at home! :)
Scott Allen
08/19/13 03:13:21PM @scott-allen:

Wow,Robin. I could listen to that all day.

Patty from Virginia
08/18/13 06:57:24PM @patty-from-virginia:

Robin, that is a pretty tune. I'm glad you and Mark did a video. I haven't seen you post one in a while. Music sure is a great stress relieverSmile.gif . I have to say there sure are some interesting names for towns and places in both Ohio and West Virginia. Makes me wonder what the people were thinking about when they were naming the townsSmile.gif

Helen Seiler
08/18/13 06:28:16PM @helen-seiler:
I really loved that tune. Took me to a long winding road in dulcimer country. I second a cd please. Thanks so much for posting. Have missed your vids.
James Phillips
08/18/13 06:15:21PM @james-phillips:

great to see you and your husband making music again Robin! Well done!

Kevin Messenger
08/18/13 05:51:45PM @kevin-messenger:

Robin I liked it, you two need to start putting these songs on a CD for us all to buy. Keep making sweet music.

Cheryl Johnson
08/18/13 05:27:35PM @cheryl-johnson:
Music is really a blessing. Gets me through the lows and the highs! Along with my musical friends!
Robin Thompson
08/18/13 05:02:26PM @robin-thompson:
Yes, Dusty, Mark is in drop-D tuning. Good ear!I imagine music has helped many of us as we navigate life's seas. Makes me grateful we have music and friends with whom to share.I posted an audio version of this tune on which I play by myself. Strangely (perhaps), I was inspired by lone fiddle players who have pauses. . . At any rate, the solo dulcimer recording has a very different feel, I think, than mine and Mark's together effort. For the video, though, I wanted my favorite guitar player! :)Thanks again, friends, and hugs from me!
08/18/13 02:42:10PM @strumelia:

What a joy hearing this, and seeing your two smiling faces too!

Beautiful loping melody and I love the syncopation between the two instruments, and crooked-y phrases. The tune sends this message- keep charting a steady course, ride the unexpected waves together, and you'll sail on through.

Dusty Turtle
08/18/13 12:54:37PM @dusty-turtle:

Robin, that's such a calm, soothing melody. And you have such a patient manner of playing. Nothing ever feels rushed or anxious. Nice job! It looks like Mark was in a drop D tuning, no?