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Dance of the Little Dog- lap dulcimer played in noter/drone style and guitar

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Duration: 00:02:13
So much for living out in the middle of nowhere. . . Loud engines and all are here for your entertainment. ;) The tune is named for our old & goofy little dog. Mark's guitar is in standard tuning and my dulcimer is tuned DdG.EDIT: DO NOT have the sound turned up all the way, especially if you are listening through earphones.
Robin Thompson
02/04/16 05:11:19AM @robin-thompson:

Hi, Wayne, Mark & I glad you enjoyed the music! 

I'm a by-ear player (99.9% of the time) for better or worse, and have no tablature arrangement for "I'm Troubled".  I see on my comment for the video I was tuned to DAA-- I didn't remember. :)

Happy strummin' to you and your wife!  It's a joy to make music at home.  

Best wishes,


Rev. Wayne McAllister
02/03/16 09:27:57PM @rev-wayne-mcallister:


THANKS for ALL YOUR POSTS. I, too play noter drone and my wife plays along with her autoharp. I (we) have learned a great deal watching you two play. 

This evening I just happened across "I'm Troubled" - OMG!!!  What tuning were you in AND where can I get a copy of the tabs/chords.  The lyrics were no trouble to find but I would really like to see what you were playing.  

Thanks Again




Robin Thompson
02/03/16 11:30:13AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Guy!  I'll let the guitar player know when I get home for the weekend! 

Guy Babusek
02/03/16 10:21:20AM @guy-babusek:

That was superb!

Robin Thompson
01/23/16 06:22:13PM @robin-thompson:

Anne, thank you!  We are fortunate to be able to share music.  There's nothing like making music at home.  :)

Anne Bowman
01/23/16 05:38:10PM @anne-bowman:

Sounds lovely. Must be wonderful to share music with one another the way you do...

Robin Thompson
05/26/14 08:51:14PM @robin-thompson:
Glad you liked it, Chuck!Though the music Mark and I make isn't mistake- free, we hope the joy of making music at home comes through even louder than engine noise. :)
Chuck Moseley
05/26/14 08:16:28PM @chuck-moseley:
I love that song! Great job!
Robin Thompson
05/26/14 12:24:13AM @robin-thompson:
Thank you, James! The dulcimer is a Blue Lion Jean Ritchie model. :)
James Phillips
05/25/14 10:49:36PM @james-phillips:

great playing and great tune! Which dulcimer are you playing in this clip?

Robin Thompson
04/19/14 10:16:22AM @robin-thompson:
Noter play is fun, Ginney, you may want to give it a try. :)Many thanks for listening!
Ginney Camden
04/18/14 11:12:22PM @ginney-camden:
I enjoyed listening! I have never tried playing with a noter.
Robin Thompson
04/16/14 09:51:48PM @robin-thompson:
You know it's not complicated and the fact that I can play it affirms the fact, Randy! ;) We're tickled you like it.
Randy Adams
04/16/14 08:33:32PM @randy-adams:

I listened to Dance of the Little Dog a bunch of times when you posted the mp3 here Robin. Like it! particular the repeat of the ending phrase before the parts start. Sounds complicated... : ).....very original.

Robin Thompson
04/14/14 08:56:05PM @robin-thompson:
Thank you, Karen! Being a porch player is great except when it isn't. :)
Karen Keane
04/14/14 06:48:12PM @karen-keane:
You both play so well together and I love to hear your music. Great job!
Robin Thompson
04/13/14 09:43:47PM @robin-thompson:
Thank you, Patty and Gail!Our old dog used to go through antics of stomping her feet quickly and barking shrilly to get Mark to take her outside. Now that she's the oldest dog of the three of us, she doesn't do quite as many goofy things as she used to.
Patty from Virginia
04/13/14 04:21:55PM @patty-from-virginia:

Wonderful!!! That's a nice tune!!! My dog dances when it's meal time. It's fun to watch. Robin, you and your husband make a great teamSmile.gif

Gail Webber
04/13/14 11:38:18AM @gail-webber:

You guys sound so good together, and I know you have a great time!

Robin Thompson
04/13/14 10:28:38AM @robin-thompson:
Thanks ever so much, friends! As y'all already know, it is a wonderful thing to make music at home; while I love listening to others make music, making music at home is satisfying in a very different way.David, on the video of the tune "Circleville" I am playing a Prussia Valley Music Box made by Gary Sager of Waverly, Ohio. Though Gary drew upon the idea of the old Tennessee Music Boxes, it is not a reproduction of an old instrument. I've always had it strung to ddd (.010 strings) and enjoy playing it out of that tuning.Again, thank you, friends.