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Down the Road on a guitar and on a lap dulcimer played in noter/drone style

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Duration: 00:02:10
Hey, FOTMDers, y'all join along!I first learned this tune from Don Pedi at his spring retreat in NC. (His source for the tune was Welzie Cresawn from Burnsville NC, born in 1903. Don plays this out of DGd. Fellow attendee Paul Tantillo-- thanks, Paul!-- and I played this tune together and that further stuck it in my mind. ) Here, I'm tuned to DGG.Mark learned "Down the Road" from The Doc Watson Family Smithsonian/Folkways recording. According to the liner notes, Doc learned this song from his father, General Dixon Watson, and the tune is the same as that for "Ida Red".
Robin Thompson
06/11/14 06:09:06PM @robin-thompson:
Thank you, Janene! I'm a fan of your music!Your posting reminds me that Mark and I need to play this again sometime soon. :)
Janene Millen
06/11/14 12:20:50AM @janene-millen:

you two make it look so easy......loved this and several more I just listenend to!

Robin Thompson
01/30/13 03:01:34PM @robin-thompson:
Morgan, thanks! Thanks from the guitar player & singer, too!
Morgan Wright
01/30/13 11:39:02AM @morgan-wright:

I just had a little time to watch several of your videos. They are all excellent. Very nice relaxed tunes. The guitar work is also excellent, and here he even sings.

Robin Thompson
08/30/12 11:40:14AM @robin-thompson:

Hey, Kim, it'd be fun to play it with you! Maybe someday. . . Smile.gif

Kimberly C.
08/29/12 11:28:33PM @kimberly-c:

I love this, Robin! This is one of my favorite songs. Smile.gif

Robin Thompson
08/29/12 08:10:43PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Marian! That DWatson family album is great!

Robin Thompson
08/07/12 09:54:50AM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, Gary David! Glad you liked it-- it's a fun song to play!

Robin Thompson
08/03/12 12:09:36PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Sam.

I'm not quite sure to what type critter the quill originally belonged-- I've got a mix of feathers that I pick-up on walks here in the middle of nowhere. Usually I find turkey and crow feathers. I can tell you that the quill is not one of those big primary feathers from a big bird, though. Apparently the bird no longer needed it.Smile.gif I like a smaller (yet strong) quill for this kind of strumming.

08/03/12 05:19:12AM @sam:

Robin I think you put that quill to almost as good a use as it's original owner. I love the sound from the quills and you did an excellent job here. Is that a goose, turkey or 'other' quill? Enjoyed this one again.

Robin Thompson
08/02/12 11:24:24PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, BJ! These old-timey songs are fun!Smile.gif

BJ Jordan
08/02/12 10:00:16PM @bj-jordan:

Love me some foot tapp'n music. You guys are great. It's done so freely the way it should be and you make it look like fun. Whoo!


Robin Thompson
07/28/12 10:46:58AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, fellas! We love this music.

I'm reminded of something Don Pedi said in the documentary Why Old-Time. Don talks of getting yourself out of the way of the tune. I like that. We're all just joining the stream of all the folks who have played these cool old tunes.

Scott Rhodes
07/28/12 10:32:54AM @scott-rhodes:

I listen to the songs you two have been playin everyday song by different Blue Grass, and folk groups and you are right up there with them. You sure put a smile on this NC boys face. Thanks

Dusty Turtle
07/28/12 02:11:11AM @dusty-turtle:

I could listen to you folks play all day. There is such a calm, joyful approach to all your music which mirrors, I believe, your calm, joyful personalities. You sure get my tail a waggin'!

Robin Thompson
07/27/12 05:50:13PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Stephanie! Though I don't know if we'll get around to making a cd, maybe someday we'll post free mp3 downloads someplace on the internet. I have no idea how to do such a thing but we could learn. Smile.gif

Robin Thompson
07/26/12 10:45:02PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, John P & Meg!

We'd have to really think about making a cd. We're awfully lazy. lol

John P, we don't manipulate our sound in any way with the computer so are usually working to get some kind of balance to our sound by how & where we situate ourselves on the porch or inside the house to give us passable sound quality. Maybe I should tell Mark it's been requested that I push myself to the front. Smile.gif

Meg Marcella
07/26/12 07:19:13PM @meg-marcella:

Love these lively tunes you've been uploading, looking forward to more (hopefully)! Your playing is so complimentary to each other.Smile.gif I second the CD bit, I could get behind that!

john p
07/26/12 06:48:20PM @john-p:

Excellent stuff Robin, good flow going there.

I often found you a bit lost in the background on earlier videos, good to see you pushing up to the front lately Smile.gif

john p

Robin Thompson
07/26/12 03:25:43PM @robin-thompson:

Gee, thanks, friends!9.gif We're trying to get ready for an event we're to play at on 19 August. Recording ourselves helps us see where we're at with a song.

Mark and I enjoy the music we're playing and hope it comes through. Although I make plenty of mistakes of different kinds, it's an over-all sound we're after. (What I'm calling mistakes usually have something to do with timing/phrasing, tempo, or angle of plectrum attack. And when I'm in a nit-picking mood I can find the ones that aren't the most obvious and even a few that aren't there. 3.gif LOL) Mark is a very solid guitar player-- wish everybody could hear him 'live' because he's more relaxed-- and he can run great lines that help a dulcimer shine.

Again, thank you!