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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Route 155 Waltz on lap dulcimer & guitar

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Duration: 00:02:21
My Timbre Hill lap dulcimer is tuned to DAA and Mark's Larrivee 000-60 is in drop-D tuning. Though I could never get the light feel of Rayna Gellert's play of "Swannanoa Waltz," it's the waltz I had in mind when coming up with a waltz to play in noter/drone style on lap dulcimer.
Robin Thompson
10/20/12 10:43:29AM @robin-thompson:

The Freeway Waltzes, Geekling! Go for it!

john p
10/20/12 05:30:49AM @john-p:

Ah ... I've just fallen in as well Robin Smile.gif

Keep an eye out for Bacon signs while you're at it Geekling.

Nearest I've found so far :



Robin Thompson
10/19/12 10:21:16AM @robin-thompson:

Stephanie, your trip sounds cool & exciting! How fun would it be to see real signs of Ionian and Aeolian!

Don't feel bad about not making the 155 connection-- it only occurred to me earlier this year.39.gif And I've lived in this village almost my entire adult life. So,35.gif (40.gif x 10) applies to me.Grin.gif

Robin Thompson
10/18/12 09:28:57PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Stephanie! Route 155 is about 7 miles long (I think). It's a main thoroughfare in this neck of the woods and almost every time I leave our village I travel on 155. 155 is also a hint as to how my dulcimer is tuned.

Robin Thompson
10/15/12 10:54:36AM @robin-thompson:

For all of you who, like me, have two left feet: Go ahead and dance anyway! Smile.gif

Many thanks for listening and taking the time to comment, folks.

Dusty, I'd love to hear how you and others would play this little tune!

I know just what Dave Rogers is getting at with the solo dulcimer sounding better. Something of the dulcimer was lost when we put this together as a duo-- and that something had to do with the slides and the unique sounds of the mountain dulcimer played in noter/drone style. My guitar player is going to sit-out on guitar and help me make a video in which we'll work especially so the mountain dulcimer sounds really come through.

Jim Fawcett
10/15/12 10:23:03AM @jim-fawcett:

Very nice Robin. You two play so well together. Just a joy to listen to.

Rob N Lackey
10/15/12 07:21:51AM @rob-n-lackey:

Very beautiful. I love the old waltzes on the fiddle and I think you've captured that spirit completely. Mind if I steal it, too?

Kimberly C.
10/15/12 06:50:12AM @kimberly-c:

Robin, I absolutely love this! It makes for a beautiful start to my Monday. Smile.gifThanks for sharing!

10/15/12 06:32:20AM @sam:

I think that you and Mark make beautiful music together ... your playing isn't all that bad either.


John Henry
10/15/12 06:25:07AM @john-henry:

Hey Val, I thought that we were keeping those "two left feet" a secret.................!3.gif


Dusty Turtle
10/15/12 01:45:39AM @dusty-turtle:

I keep coming back to this, Robin. It is so pretty. Would you mind if I try to learn it in a chording style? (I don't have a Mark to back me up, so I have to do my own chordsSmile.gif.)

John E. Wood
10/14/12 11:32:43PM @john-e-wood:

That's impressive, Robin and Mark. You need to do more of this sort of thing and definitely get it written down somehow. I'd love it if you could come up with words and sing it while you played. My daughter took some videos of our jamming at Caesar Creek and you were singing along on some of the tunes and it was lovely. Mighty fine voice. Best wishes.

Robin Thompson
10/14/12 09:32:52PM @robin-thompson:

Again, friends, many thanks!

Patty, nothing's written down-- I have a hard time reading tab and almost never play from tab.

Strumelia, a music friend of ours said we should write a waltz. We didn't write anything-- this is just what we came up with. I monkeyed around and got this little tune on dulcimer then Mark added the rhythm part. I'm thinking the uniqueness comes from the fact that I'm on mountain dulcimer playing noter/drone style and Mark's using drop-D tuning?

Patty from Virginia
10/14/12 09:24:23PM @patty-from-virginia:

Robin, that is very pretty. Did you write down the tab?Smile.gif

10/14/12 09:06:08PM @strumelia:

Robin & Mark- Did you compose that piece ?

What a lovely easy going tune, played so beautifully by you both! Perfect.

Chuck Moseley
10/14/12 09:02:05PM @chuck-moseley:

Loved that - what a beautiful waltz!

Robin Thompson
10/14/12 08:32:34PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Cheryl & Nancy!

Nancy, Mark's drop-D tuning on guitar means that from standard tuning (eadgbe), the low e is tuned down one step to d. We thought this would make a nice contrast with the high d's heard on the lap dulcimer.

Nancy Holthus
10/14/12 08:24:24PM @nancy-holthus:

That was beautiful Robin, thank you for sharing! What exactly is drop-D tuning?

Cheryl Johnson
10/14/12 07:33:15PM @cheryl-johnson:

Robin and Mark....I LOVE this! Any song that makes me want to dance is a good one and this one made me want to grab a partner and waltz around the living room! Really great tune writing and superb delivery!!

Robin Thompson
10/14/12 06:48:20PM @robin-thompson:

About that lilt JohnK & Carrie mentioned-- I was trying for a lilt but it's not easy for me to do. Though I didn't have a Louisiana sound in mind, I'd venture a guess there's a waltz or two (or 20 or 30) played in LA that follow this structure.