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Poplar Pole - lap dulcimer played in noter/drone style and guitar

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Duration: 00:02:28
Poplar Pole is a tune played on fiddle by Henry Reed and collected by Alan Jabbour several years ago; our sources include the Jabbour recording, Chris Via and the Reed Family Band, and The Black Twig Pickers. The Black Twig Pickers' version caught my ear and got me listening to the other versions.My adapting the tune to noter/drone style at a speed at which I can play has been hit-and-miss. The A part was much easier to "translate" and the B part is still not solid.
01/08/17 04:24:35PM @monica:

I really enjoyed that, I have a kentucky model as well , but in walnut and spruce

Robin Thompson
12/28/15 10:40:04PM @robin-thompson:

Hi, Gail!  I'm playing a small hourglass dulcimer made by Jerry Rockwell.  All I play is noter/drone style and have only had a couple instruments built (with a taller fretboard) specifically with noter play in mind.  I tune all over the place to play, going for what each tune seems to call for in the context of where I'm playing/who I'm playing with.  (I don't recall what was my tuning on Poplar Pole.  I'm at my folks' and they're down for the night so can't check at the moment-- you've got me wondering, though.)  Unless you have large hands, I'm imagining your dulcimers are suitable for noter play.  Feel free to ask anything-- I'm happy to answer questions when I can. 


Gail Webber
12/28/15 07:24:01PM @gail-webber:

I really like this and love your noter playing.  What type of dulcimer is this, how do you have it tuned and do you generally leave the doubled melody strings on for your noter playing?  Are there any particular makes of dulcimers that are more suited to noter playing?  Do you think I have enough questions for you? (Oops another question)  I have several McSpaddens, a Blue Lion a Modern Mountain and a Jack Ferguson, but really have trouble playing with a noter on any of them.  It's probably more my technique than the dulcimer.  Just curious because it's something I would like to try more on a regular dulcimer and not just on my Galax.

Robin Thompson
09/23/13 11:05:03AM @robin-thompson:
Hey, thanks for listening, Sarah-- it's a neat old tune and I need to work more on the B part! :)
Robin Thompson
09/15/13 11:16:52PM @robin-thompson:
Thanks for the kind comment, Mike, I told the guitar picker about your posting. I like sharing information about how I came to a particular tune-- and appreciate having recordings of lots of great old tunes!
Robin Thompson
09/12/13 10:51:22PM @robin-thompson:
Many thanks from me and the guitar player, Scott! I've spent a fair amount of time in my hometown this year helping my mom and dad at their house-- it's where I am now-- so my guitar player and I appreciate the times we get to play together at our own house. :)
Scott Allen
09/05/13 10:44:34AM @scott-allen:

Very nice Robin!

Patty from Virginia
09/05/13 08:31:05AM @patty-from-virginia:

Robin, only when they aren't playing the Nats, LOL. Much of my family lives in WV and they love the Reds. My grandfather was a big Cincinnati Reds fanSmile.gif

Robin Thompson
09/04/13 11:18:00PM @robin-thompson:
Folks, thank ye! :)Patty, go Reds! You a fan of the Cincinnati boys?
Patty from Virginia
09/03/13 08:34:38PM @patty-from-virginia:

Another good one Robin113.gif . I like those fiddle tunes. By the way, are you a Cincinnati Reds fan?

Ken Longfield
09/03/13 11:22:17AM @ken-longfield:

Very nice tune and fine playing. Thanks for sharing.

Robin Thompson
09/03/13 09:58:21AM @robin-thompson:
Thanks, friends, we're glad you enjoyed it!James, the dulcimer is a small Kentucky hourglass built by Jerry Rockwell and Is in DAA for this tune.Rob, I'd gladly accept any advice you would offer on playing this Henry Reed tune! The B part has had me scratching my head.
Ken Hulme
09/03/13 09:44:58AM @ken-hulme:

Nice playing you two. But I must admit that I kept reading the title of the thread as "Poplar Pole -- lap dance" rather than "lap dulcimer" 9.gif24.gif114.gif

John Henry
09/03/13 07:39:16AM @john-henry:

41.gif41.gif41.gif Good to listen to as usual, thanks for posting


Dusty Turtle
09/02/13 08:45:04PM @dusty-turtle:

What a jolly tune. And you just keep it rolling right along. What a wonderful way to spend a rainy day!

John Keane
09/02/13 07:45:48PM @john-keane:

Wonderful in every single way! Smile.gif

James Phillips
09/02/13 07:31:39PM @james-phillips:

Great video Robin and Mark! Robin, what dulcimer you playing in this clip, and what tuning?

Rob N Lackey
09/02/13 06:56:01PM @rob-n-lackey:

Robin, I like those Henry Reed tunes. I think you played it at a good speed. Bluegrass and bluegrass influenced players go way to fast for my taste. Keep it danceable. Oh, and y'all did good; I wouldn't have expected any less.

Karen Keane
09/02/13 06:16:22PM @karen-keane:
You guys are always awesome. That was too cool!