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Old Joe Clark

Old Joe Clark
Duration: 00:01:45
Having fun with a classic
Jim Phillips
02/28/17 12:20:54PM @jim-at-gcreek:

Nice noter playing on that old standard.  It is great how this song sounds so good on so many types of

instruments!  Last fall I was at the Renfro Valley Music venue in Kentucky.  Old Joe Clark was from that area.

They have a plaque there to tell his story - and a full sized bronze statue of him.  If you ever go to 

Kentucky, you should stop at Renfro Valley.



Jennifer Ranger
02/27/17 01:31:11PM @jennifer-ranger:

Oh yes, this is really nice!  One of my favorite tunes, played with great energy.

Steve Battarbee
02/01/17 03:04:44PM @steve-battarbee:


Thats such a nice comment. Thanks. Glad you liked it

02/01/17 05:50:41AM @sam:

YESSIR!!! I listen to Ol Joe Clark every time I see it posted as a vid or sound file. I haven't heard a rendition I didn't like but yours is certainly one of the top. I think you've done an amazingly unique job of making the tune yours! 

Steve Battarbee
01/31/17 02:22:12AM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Steven. I kinda hoped he would 😉

Steve Battarbee
01/31/17 02:21:02AM @steve-battarbee:

James now that you say that I remembered that mine is a mean tone too not an ET

Sorry to hear you're not getting along with yours. I find I'm using this one much more than my others at the moment ( although my selection process tend to lean towards "which ones nearest"!!

i was tuned Bbb 


Steven Berger
01/30/17 06:32:15PM @steven-berger:

Nice version, Steve! Old Joe would have liked it!



James Phillips
01/30/17 05:06:14PM @james-phillips:

Steve, mine is mean tone fretted.  In fact, I'll be listing it soon as I am not really playing it anymore, sadly enough.


What are you tuned for your version?

Steve Battarbee
01/30/17 03:26:50AM @steve-battarbee:

Dan/ James

Thanks to you both for your comments

im using McSpadden ET I got through Robin C

i think you got a similar one at about the same time??

As for Old Joe? Well you can't keep a good tune down!🙂

James Phillips
01/29/17 09:45:15PM @james-phillips:

Nice !   Old Joe Clark is  having something of a revival  ☺  What  dulcimer  are you using ? 

01/29/17 05:39:02PM @dan:

Spot on!