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Wayfaring Stranger

Wayfaring Stranger
Duration: 00:02:01
Wayfaring Stranger
Steve Battarbee
03/20/17 10:03:08AM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Alan

Alan Thompson
03/11/17 01:52:41AM @alan-thompson:

Good one Steve thanks for putting it up

Mary MacGowan
03/08/17 10:28:43AM @mary-macgowan:

Steve, haha, yes, you never leave your fingers behind!

Thanks for the info about timber tones, I'll check them out.

Steve Battarbee
03/08/17 02:29:27AM @steve-battarbee:

Too bright is a good description but I guess it's 'horses for courses' as the expression goes. I suppose quills are best for faster strumming/Galax style playing

I bought my leather picks from timber-tones. com I think you get a similar but slightly brighter effect than with a natural wool felt pick

i guess the advantage of finger picking is that you never forget your fingers!

Mary MacGowan
03/07/17 10:47:02PM @mary-macgowan:

Steve Battarbee:

Thanks Steven and Mary too

I'm using a leather pick on this video

Leather! Did you make it? I've grown fond of thick felt picks, but a regular pick comes in handy for a bright sound now and then. But you know me, I'm mostly just a finger picker permanently stuck in the key of D! I thought it was cool that you were using an authentic quill, but I did notice that the sound was almost too bright.

Steve Battarbee
03/07/17 07:04:16PM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Steven and Mary too

Mary your right in saying I used to use a Quill but I find the sound can be a bit harsh sometimes so it depends what I'm playing whether I use one or not

It's also tricky to get a lenghty of quill 'just right' and when you do it doesn't last too long 

So I've experimented with felt and leather picks for a softer mellowed tone but no piece of  plastic or rubber is safe from my attention. They're all fair game if I can cut em small enough! I'm using a leather pick on this video

Thanks again for your comment

Mary MacGowan
03/06/17 11:15:43PM @mary-macgowan:

Steve, I admire your light touch and your musicality, really pretty rendition. Didn't you start out using a quill? How do you like the pick?

Steven Berger
03/05/17 02:39:23PM @steven-berger:

Good playing, Steve!