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Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair
Duration: 00:01:48
Making the most of spring sunshine in Cumbria
Steve Battarbee
04/22/17 03:30:01AM @steve-battarbee:

 Charles, Greg, John, Cindy Thanks so much for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it

Cindy Stammich
04/21/17 11:58:30PM @cindy-stammich:

I Love this!!!  The dulcimer, the song, the birds, the setting!!!  Beautiful!!!

John W. McKinstry
04/21/17 09:55:30PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thanks for this beautiful song. It seems so well matched with the dulcimer.

Greg Patterson
04/06/17 10:45:56PM @greg-patterson:

That song was made for dulcimer, and you did a great job with it!

Charles Thomas
04/05/17 06:15:46PM @charles-thomas:

Steve, you upstaged the birds! That was wonderful!!

Steve Battarbee
04/05/17 02:14:07AM @steve-battarbee:


thanks for your comments. I enjoy playing this tune but I knew I'd get upstaged by the birds!!🐥🐥🐥🐦🐤🦉🦅

04/04/17 08:35:17PM @billiesue:

Very nice.  I am in my "bird" room with my cockatiel - Jax-- and he is singing along to your beautiful tune (one of my favorites.  Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer Ranger
04/02/17 05:52:50PM @jennifer-ranger:

Very nice indeed, especially with the birdsong!

Steve Battarbee
03/30/17 04:09:38AM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Alan but I think you've now missed the sunshine for this year 😎


Thanks to to you Cynthia too. Sorry you didn't get the invitation but if you're ever passing by your more than welcome 😀

Alan Thompson
03/30/17 03:15:15AM @alan-thompson:

Thanks for posting this up Steve it sounds great. I shall have to get me some of that Cumbrian sunshine this year it been a little dull in Shropshire just recently.

Cynthia Wigington
03/28/17 07:06:20PM @cynthia-wigington:

Wow indeed - Steve this is wild and wonderful, but you dog for going to Cumbria and not taking the rest of us with you lol.

Steve Battarbee
03/28/17 03:50:51PM @steve-battarbee:

Brian, Mary;Thanks very much!

Mary MacGowan
03/28/17 10:31:59AM @mary-macgowan:

Wow, you're really getting good! Sweet playing, and sweet birdies singing along!

Brian G.
03/28/17 07:45:39AM @brian-g:

I definitely enjoyed this.  Thanks for sharing!

Steve Battarbee
03/28/17 02:52:33AM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks so much John. Really appreciate that

Steven thanks to you too



John Henry
03/28/17 12:34:34AM @john-henry:

I think I like this best of all the stuff you have shared to date Steve !



Steven Berger
03/27/17 04:50:55PM @steven-berger:

Very nice, Steve...birds and all!



Steve Battarbee
03/27/17 02:05:23PM @steve-battarbee:

Lisa, Benjamin thanks. I usually frighten off any wild life with my playing but I'm glad they stuck around For a little improvisation!😄🐥🐥

Benjamin W Barr Jr
03/27/17 12:09:57PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Lovely, and I agree with the bird's singing...adds to the sweetness of the song.


03/27/17 11:58:59AM @strumelia:

Wow, I so much enjoyed this Steve, particularly with the little bird prettily singing along too.