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New ditty

New ditty
Duration: 00:01:17
Haven’t posted for a while
I sort of lost my my mojo a little bit but I’m hoping to get it back soon!
This is little tune I came up with recently
Steve Battarbee
08/09/18 08:10:51AM @steve-battarbee:

Val, Robin thanks very much

Robin Thompson
08/08/18 10:56:09PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, Steve, I like your tune and your play of it!  

Val Hughes
08/07/18 06:58:20AM @val-hughes:

Lovely composition and well played. Love the sound of your Dulcimer.

Steve Battarbee
08/07/18 01:22:13AM @steve-battarbee:

Ariana, Alan, Elvensong

thanjs for you kind words and encouragement 

08/06/18 08:08:42PM @elvensong:

Hey Steve, welcome back! You haven't lost your mojo that I can tell!

As one who also "lost my mojo" for 25 years, I can tell you it comes back pretty quickly. If you are writing new tunes, I'd say that mojo is already back!

Alan Thompson
08/05/18 01:37:18PM @alan-thompson:

Good one Steve keep playing that dulcimer

08/05/18 02:22:32AM @ariane:

Beautiful sound and playing, Steve!

Steve Battarbee
08/04/18 06:51:22PM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Chris 😎

Christine Shoemaker
08/04/18 06:40:13PM @christine-shoemaker:

A nice happy piece, Steve!  jive