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The Holly and the Ivy/The Friendly Beasts-fiddle & epinette

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:05
A Winter medley of two old carols:
The Holly and Ivy (English broadside c.1710),
and... The Friendly Beasts...also known as The Donkey Carol (originating from Latin, France, 12th century). The song is associated with the Feast of Fools, and is also said to have been part of the 13th century Fete de l’Ane (The Donkey’s Festival).
Here my husband and I play on fiddle and epinette... a traditional French small fretted box zitter.

This sweet six stringed epinette was constructed in 2010 from the mahogany door of a demolished 1850s bank building. It was made by John Henry Crocker of Bristol, England...a talented builder, inspired musician, and beloved friend to many dulcimer players. Enjoy his channel and wonderful videos here:
-For help in learning to play epinettes and mountain dulcimers, visit Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer:
Thanks so much for listening!
Erin Hussey
10/19/16 08:05:35AM @erin-hussey:

I am just starting to pull out Christmas tunes for the upcoming season. These are good tunes and fun to hear. I like the description you provide too.

Jennifer Wren
01/16/16 05:48:00PM @jennifer-wren:

Absolutely lovely.

Paul Killian
01/10/16 07:47:21PM @paul-killian:

That is good. Thanks.

John Keane
12/23/15 12:22:24PM @john-keane:

Great job, y'all!  LOVE the hat!

Annie Deeley
12/22/15 10:14:23PM @annie-deeley:

What a lovely way to send a greeting! Thank you!

Love the playing! And I covet that hat!

Have a beautiful Christmas, everyone.

Christine Shoemaker
12/22/15 10:13:23PM @christine-shoemaker:

I love how you play so perfectly and beautifully together.  Thanks for the warm fuzzy Lisa and Brian!  smile   Merry Christmas!

Helen Seiler
12/22/15 03:36:20PM @helen-seiler:

A wonderful video to wake up to down here. Merry Christmas Lisa and Brian and thanku sooo much for putting that lovely medly together. The Epinette and Fiddle sound great together... i love the percussion too. H x sun

John Henry
12/22/15 02:26:50AM @john-henry:

Hey......I represent that remark !!!   And 'Epinette's roasting on an open fire' came to my mind as well .lol


Thanks for sharing, best bit of 'pre-Christmas' music for me this year.


12/21/15 10:37:58PM @strumelia:

Thank you, friends!   inlove

Kristi Keller
12/21/15 10:04:41PM @kristi-keller:

A delight to have that music shared! Playing at home with family and friends - I don't think life gets much better than that. Our family sang and my Dad and I played and it is hard to remember anything must better.  TV, computers, etc. give no sense of sharing and listening to one another. Not to mention flat notes ignored and success shared.

The FOTMD community is such a spirited and caring and helpful bunch. So Happy New Year to all.

Ken Backer
12/21/15 05:02:12PM @ken-backer:

Golly darn, you two look so cute playing that great old Christmas music!  Merry Christmas, Lisa and Brian, and have a musical New Yearfiddlejivejoyjoy

Terry Wilson
12/21/15 03:12:52PM @terry-wilson:

Oh my goodness that was cool Strumelia.  Thanks to the both of you.  I got a report today from my doctor that I need another back surgery, so I needed cheering up, and this was the best medicine.

Robin Thompson
12/21/15 02:19:21PM @robin-thompson:

Strumelia, you and Brian play this in such a way that it sounds old as the hills-- perfection!  John Henry sure built a treasure in that epinette!  

Happy, merry, etc., to you & your fiddler!  <3

Cynthia Wigington
12/21/15 02:08:11PM @cynthia-wigington:

Aw how sweet and joyful that was, and on our original rascal John Henry's epinette to boot. Someone said, "In this season of joy, do you seek joy? In this season of peace, do you seek peace?" Merry Everything to you and yours.

12/21/15 01:08:57PM @strumelia:

Thank you all for your very nice comments. sun

And Lexie- I hope your mother has some good treatment in the hospital, and improves. Sending healing wishes your way...

Lexie R Oakley
12/21/15 12:40:05PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Oh very beautiful, love the epenette, Very Happy Christmas to you both, sure enjoy you both.fiddleclapper

Lexie R Oakley
12/21/15 12:31:43PM @lexie-r-oakley:

So beautiful, thank you that calmed me. I wish you a happy Christmas.

I will be at hospital with Mom, oh no for her birthday on 24'th. We think she will be having hip surgery, it sure went, just not sure yet.

Well we will sure make it as happy as we can and hoping her pain is reduced.

Gail Webber
12/21/15 12:08:12PM @gail-webber:

Very nice!  Happy holidays to you and your family.

Ben Barr Jr
12/21/15 09:34:24AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

A very pleasant rendition. 

Peter Corser
12/21/15 05:33:06AM @peter-corser:

Thank you both, that cheered up an otherwise  dark, dreary, wet and windy morning.

A happy Christmas to you both and all FOTMD.