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The Cuckoo - penny whistle

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:34
A beautiful traditional English folk tune played on a Dixon polymer Bb (B flat) penny whistle.
Have only been playing whistle a few months here- sorry, my playing is still pretty rough- but am making slow progress. :)
11/28/18 12:19:59PM @strumelia:

@glenda-hubbard , I don't have any low D whistles. I am pretty sure my small hands could never make the stratch no matter how much I practiced.  I do have low G and low A whistles which I can barely make the stretch on. But when I 'go low' I most often reach for my Susato A and G whistles that have a KEY for the lowest ('bell note') hole.  It's made it so much easier for me!  Since I'll never be a pro player, I just doodle around at home.. I don't worry too much about appearing to be 'cheating' by having keyed low whistles.  winky

Terry, thank you very much.  :)

Glenda  Hubbard
11/28/18 09:15:58AM @glenda-hubbard:

 Beautiful Lisa !   I have a Dixon D that I play the most

 I also have  a low D  but its very difficult to play the low notes. I cant seem to get my bagpipe fingering to where I have the holes covered completely  which is very frustrating when your going along just beautifully then up come those low notes. Practice. practice . practice.   

Terry Wilson
11/27/18 01:10:16PM @terry-wilson:

Very pretty.  I can appreciate your good work.

Jennifer Wren
03/15/17 08:02:41PM @jennifer-wren:

Ooh, I like it!

03/12/17 06:47:34PM @strumelia:

Thanks so much for your comments my friends!  love

Maria, a low G whistle is pretty large and covering the bottom holes is a bear if you are not used to it yet and don't practice the 'piper's grip'.  My whistles in A and Bb are way easier to play than my low G... just saying you might want to try the Bb or A as it's a bit easier than the low G to make the reaches.

I have found that there's a huge difference between brands in the same key.  Some brands require lots of air push, some are more 'chiffy' and some are clear toned.  not everyone seeks the same kind of tone.  

I really enjoy being able to play a sweet chirpy playful tune on high D or Eb wistle... then switch to a rich foggy low Bb or A whistle for a different tune.  So fun!

03/12/17 09:08:58AM @monica:

very pretty tune!

03/11/17 10:30:56PM @sleepingangel:

That's great for only a few months!! I actually bought a Dixon Low G and find it's really hard to play that big hole at the bottom. I'm still plugging along. I started about two months ago but asthma has hindered my playing of it and the NA flute :( you are getting me inspired to pick it up soon!~I bought a cool little book from a man in England. It's a little spiral bound book and the man is Martin Dardis. It came really quickly and it only cost 22 US dollars including shipping. He's got a web site with a wealth of info and tunes!! if you need the link let me know.

When my husband and I were in Mystic Ct there was an Irish shop and they had Tin Walton (might be brass not sure) and it was in C. I'm actually getting the clearest high notes from that little 13 dollar whistle!! 

I do love the lower tones though and If (and only if I improve) I may treat myself to a Bb. There's a lovely lady who owns a web site called "Harp and Dragon" and she sold me the Low G. Her prices were better than even that Hobgoblin shop!!

Thanks again for sharing. You are doing great!



03/01/17 04:15:31PM @jenniferc:

That was really lovely! 

Kat Vallish
03/01/17 02:51:48PM @kat-vallish:

I think it sounds beautiful.  Love the tune. 


Lexie R Oakley
03/01/17 10:56:14AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Beautiful Lisa, you did great keep them coming.

Steven Berger
02/28/17 09:30:08PM @steven-berger:

Sounds good, Lisa! Keep up the good work!



Jan Potts
02/28/17 08:38:47PM @jan-potts:

What a nice shot with that lovely window behind you and the music wafting all around.  I could imagine this used as part of a historic soundtrack.  Well done, Lisa!

Cynthia Wigington
02/28/17 06:50:42PM @cynthia-wigington:

Just lovely Lisa - you are making more than "slow" progress with the penny whistle. I could just picture a country boy walking down a country road with his dog, playing this song as he went. Very atmospheric, and such a nice penny whistle.

Mary MacGowan
02/28/17 06:39:28PM @mary-macgowan:

This is a real charmer! I play recorder... this must be really hard to play smoothly! Very pretty, Strumelia!