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Dulcimer builder and player.

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Jack Ferguson

Hard Times, Come Again No More.

One of my favorites for the dulcimer, published by Steven Foster, 1854....
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Joseph Besse
09/26/17 03:42:33PM @joseph-besse:

Hey Jack, are you still making Scheitholt replicas? I am interested in a small one, like a pocket model.


Helen Seiler
07/29/14 07:18:42AM @helen-seiler:

G'day again Jack. I don't see a mid sized Scheitholdt on your Etsy shop site. Therefore this is probably a silly question, but do you have one built for sale at the moment?

Thanks Helen in Oz.

Helen Seiler
03/23/14 05:40:31PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Jack. I will check it out. Ta Helen
Helen Seiler
03/23/14 02:59:05AM @helen-seiler:

G'day again Jack. I may be in a position to buy a Scheitholdt sooner than October. Afterwatching your video again I have a quick question...Given the high soundboard and the full strum required to catch the four drones is it possible to play one in the sitting position used for a standard md, or is it necessary to stand.

Thanks Helen

Helen Seiler
03/17/14 06:28:41PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Jack. I will start squirelling some money away. I hope to order one in about October for delivery a couple of months after Christmas. When I play md in public people often ask about where the md came from originally. It would be great to show them the real deal. Thanks for getting back to me. Helen
Helen Seiler
03/16/14 05:55:52PM @helen-seiler:
G'day Jack. I just saw a youtube clip Leslie posted of you playing what is now her Scheitholdt. Can I ask how much a basic one would cost and if you offer payment by installments (I realise not all luthiers sell that way). Thanks Helen.
03/03/14 09:38:29AM @phil:

as soon as we get things squared away here I will let you know. we just wont tell my wife about it for nowGrin.gif

03/02/14 11:38:00PM @phil:

One of these days Jack I am going to own one of the Chestnut Dulcimer's I think it is only right to have a Dulcimer made from wood that has the same name as meGrin.gif

Marsha Harris
05/20/12 10:13:18PM @marsha-harris:

Hi Jack,

Look forward to you coming to the Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival. You might like to bring along any dulcimers you might have available. I see that you have a few Native American Flutes. You might want to bring them as well. I play NA flute and usually travel with a few.

See you Thursday, Marsha

John Henry
06/24/11 10:53:53AM @john-henry:

Jack, thank you for friend request, delighted to accept ! I did not make the comment specificaly to crib information from you about your Scheitholt, I was impressed by the apparent quality of the instrument, and the fact that I had only just posted on ED seeking information seemed too good a coincidence to overlook ! Like you, I get pleasure from playing on instruments that I have made (no flutes here tho', just mtn dulcimers, hammered dulcimers, and psaltries) and have started collecting info with a view to making a scheilhot, and would be more than happy to include any detail you are prepared to send me.

my regards


Geoff Black
05/03/11 03:57:18PM @geoff-black:


Very kind of you tosuggest we shouldkeep in touch when we're in the US. Will get back to you when we have the itinerary sorted a bit more!

Best wishes

Geoff and Anne

Geoff Black
05/02/11 08:35:19AM @geoff-black:


Hope you can come to the UK next year when you've made the break with the demon work.

Bristol (UK) Folk festival was great - two sold out MD workshops and a stall which seemed to be constantly busy with players and would-be players from 5 years upwards!

Maybe see you when we're in the States in June. Shall be at Dulcimerville and then touring NC and VA for a week or so.

Geoff and Anne

04/18/10 12:29:17AM @strumelia:
Great to have you join us!
Bill Lewis
04/17/10 10:29:07PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Jack.Smile.gif
Rod Westerfield
04/17/10 10:26:47PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Jack.. glad ya joined the family..