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She's Like a Swallow - with vocals

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Janene Millen
10/16/14 05:17:14PM @janene-millen:

Thank you Stevefor the lovely comment.

Steve Battarbee
10/16/14 08:27:28AM @steve-battarbee:

Nice playing of a lovely tune and you have such a nice tone to your voice. Its always nice to hear you sing

Janene Millen
10/13/14 05:14:58PM @janene-millen:

Thanks for listening and for the lovely compliment as I am such a fan of several singers of Celtic music as well.

Janene Millen
10/12/14 08:15:29AM @janene-millen:

Thanks Brian, always appreciate your listening. Cindy, glad you found it and like it...greetings to your little "Buddy" too. Mary, thanks for listening, from one who enjoys "dulcimer-singing", to another.

Timothy, why don't you post a version of this song when you work it out?

Brian G.
10/11/14 08:32:34PM @brian-g:

Beautiful Janene!

Cindy Stammich
10/11/14 12:54:22PM @cindy-stammich:

Janene, this is soooo pretty - and I love the fingerpicking on the baritone! Your voice is such a compliment to the dulcimer! I do love Genghis in the background Smile.gif I have a song that my little "Buddy" added vocals to also! So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Janene Millen
10/09/14 05:05:39PM @janene-millen:

ahh..it's almost identical except the verse about making a bed of roses and a broken heart. Yours has a nice flow of her picking flowers and making a bed to lie down of a broken heart (to die?). Mine involves her picking roses, giving them to him, he tells her he's unfaithful...and it ends without the most dramatic bit about her "making a bed". I don't care about her picking flowers for HIM, I like that she picks them to make her bed to (your version)......But there needs to be that verse to say how he done her wrong, don't you think. I'd like to tweek it to make more sense.

Janene Millen
10/09/14 03:46:14PM @janene-millen:

Thanks Ken...and yep...4 dogs, 2 birds (and a husband)...and about to take a 6,000 mile road trip with EVERYBODY!!

Ken Backer
10/09/14 11:59:36AM @ken-backer:

Simply beautiful, Janene! Great combination of playing and singing this fine song. Interesting to note the number of videos posted that have a bird participating. Or an animal lounging about...Grin.gif

Janene Millen
10/09/14 09:02:07AM @janene-millen:

Thanks so much for listening and the kind comments. If the tune is new to you, I'm glad to have offered it up. Timothy, I've never heard another version.

I've known these song for 4 years but could never manage it, until it occurred to me yesterday to try it in a Baritone tuning. It has a high lilting sort of melody which I wouldn't normally associate with a Baritone Smile.gif

Val--Go raibh maith agat (I googled)

Robin Clark
10/09/14 05:46:00AM @robin-clark:

That's lovely Janene - What a glorious balance between instrument and voice Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
10/08/14 09:13:07PM @patty-from-virginia:

That is a pretty tuneSmile.gif

John Keane
10/08/14 06:03:02PM @john-keane:

That's a beautiful tune!

10/08/14 05:28:42PM @macaodha:

That's very very nice Jan. Go hlainn (beautiful).

Ben Barr Jr
10/08/14 04:26:01PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice song...different tuning.Smile.gif