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Black is the Color

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:05
Two melody versions combined into one arrangement. Played on a McSpadden Ginger mountain dulcimer.
BJ Jordan
01/16/21 01:15:47PM @betty-bj-jordan:

Just lovely. Thank you for sharing this beautiful arrangement. 


terry ritchey
11/17/20 04:37:16PM @wiseraven2000:

that was beautiful

11/01/20 10:59:12AM @ariane:

Beautiful arrangement and sound, Janene.

09/20/20 10:59:43PM @irene:

VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL.   I sang that for years with my guitar....married a wonderful black haired Polynesian man...............my his wondrous ...............words.........and kindness....loving even the ground that his body sleeps in.........His spirit is not there....but we all will be resurrected...i hope he will be with his black hair and myself with my with reddish auburn hair.  Today when I visited the graveside.....I knew what I must shortly plant all around....DAFFODILS.    He recited that poem by Wordsworth while we looked down at Laie Bay on a hike we took together before we married.   I was so impressed then.   Through the years I'd play the harp....an English song or such............and he'd recite that same poem.   Daffodils going there this week!!.

thank you muchly for your beautiful rendition of a favorite song of mine!!   aloha, irene