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Multi-Cultural Jam

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:26
A former percussion student of mine (Caleb Daniels) joins me for a Multi-Cultural jam.
John Keane
11/06/18 02:53:54PM @john-keane:

Thanks Patty!  Will do!

Patty from Virginia
11/01/18 09:41:27AM @patty-from-virginia:

An awesome performance from an awesome person. Caleb did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing. Please say hi to Carrie for me. Thanks!

John Keane
10/28/18 11:22:29AM @john-keane:

Thanks Terry!  We had a great time together.

Terry Wilson
10/28/18 11:19:07AM @terry-wilson:

Being a NAF fan, of course I enjoyed your song very much.  Great combo. 

John Keane
10/28/18 07:07:16AM @john-keane:

Thank y'all very much for the kind words.  Caleb is an inspiration to me.  When he first started his percussion journey the skills didn't come easy.  He worked and worked and worked some more until he developed a monster skill set.  He has been playing professionally for a few years now and has decided to finish his music degree.  He is living proof that if you want something bad enough, hard work will get you there.  He is also quite a ukulele player and I hope to steer him towards a dulcimer sometime in the future when he has more time (the university he attends is almost two hours away).  Irene, the drum is indeed made out of wood (it's an African dundun) and has natural skin heads (the hair is actually still on them).  The manner in which Caleb is playing the dundun is more of a djembe approach rather than typical dundun style to maximize four different tones from the drum head and be a little bit more complementary to the flute tones.  Thanks so much for checking it out!

10/27/18 10:46:57PM @irene:

that was a twice listen to.  very good and nothing like a Native American Flute...The drum, was it made out of wood.  I like the sound and yeah, another music major to bring joy to others. aloha, irene

Cindy Stammich
10/27/18 10:39:29PM @cindy-stammich:

This is awesome!  What a treat to have Caleb come back and play with you!flute drumroll

10/27/18 06:59:00PM @ariane:

Wow! That sounds great and very impressing, John!

John Keane
10/27/18 05:15:55PM @john-keane:

It's always a blessing when former students come back to visit.  The blessing is doubled when they want to play some music!  Caleb is now a music major and rockin' it.