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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Sweet Hour of Prayer

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I wish you Happy Easter! ... and have a nice time with detecting your easter basket :)
06/21/18 05:15:44PM @hugssandi:

Just lovely!!!  Love this song and don't play it nearly as well.

04/17/18 06:09:57AM @ariane:

Thank you very much Terry for your kind comment flower

Terry Wilson
04/16/18 02:10:52PM @terry-wilson:

Ariane, I love this song, and you played it with such feeling and beauty.  Wonderful.

Thank you.

04/16/18 05:19:41AM @ariane:

@Elvensong - thank you very much for your kind comment - it makes fun to create a duo, trio or more jive

04/15/18 06:28:47PM @elvensong:

Very "sweet"ly played. 

I have never thought of accompanying myself. I must try it sometime.

Thanks for sharing, Ariane bighug

04/04/18 01:50:02PM @ariane:

@Kevin - thank you very much for your kind comment.

Kevin R.
04/04/18 12:53:41PM @kevin-r:

Very nice, Ariane. Beautiful.

04/03/18 03:20:20AM @ariane:

@Bob, @Terry and @Jim - I am very happy to read your nice comments - thank you very much.

Jim Fawcett
04/02/18 07:41:49PM @jim-fawcett:

Oh so nice

Terry Wilson
04/02/18 02:22:45PM @terry-wilson:

Very pretty. I enjoy your playing.

04/02/18 01:53:55PM @bob:

Very pretty! thumbsup

04/02/18 08:36:59AM @ariane:

@Irene - thank you very much for your kind comment - yes, it was only me with multi-tracks recording.

Compared to you we are lucky with the weather - today the sun is shining and we have around 60 degree Fahrenheit - the next days it will be at around 70!  flower


04/02/18 08:24:42AM @ariane:

@Richard - thank you very much for your kind comment.

04/02/18 08:24:14AM @ariane:

@Dusty - thank you very much for your kind comment - concerning multi-track recordings: my last Christmas present was a little but fine "recording corner" jive in our living room with micro and stand (which I already had), interface (bought used via ebay), monitors, headphone, laptop with DAW (Presonus Studio One Professional) for which a friend of mine so kindly gave me access to.

So I am still doing my first steps with recordings - I haven´t yet added any effects on the recordings like compressor, equalizer, reverb etc.

Last week I was very happy to find out how to create a stereo/room effect and that makes a really big difference when listening to it.

It makes much fun to do these multi-track recordings - by oneself but also putting together tracks from various musicians - like I did with Luigi and with pleasure would do with others who are interested and would like to.

04/02/18 07:55:36AM @ariane:

@Sierron - thank you very much for your kind comment :)

04/02/18 07:54:16AM @ariane:

@Robin - thank you very much for your kind comment : )

04/01/18 11:05:28PM @irene:

I love this one.  I play it often with the gals that play dulcimer with me and we split into parts too.   I love the different parts.  Is it only you recording over a track or others joined you?   When we got out of our friends house after dinner, there was 4 inches of WET SNOW....oh well.  happy Easter it was for us.  Aloha, irene

Richard Streib
04/01/18 09:58:10PM @richard-streib:

Awesom,  Ariane. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a happy Easter.

Dusty Turtle
04/01/18 08:15:41PM @dusty-turtle:

Very pretty.  Listening to you makes me wish I knew how to make multi-track recordings.  I love the variety of moods you create with different arrangements.

04/01/18 05:59:13PM @sierron:

Beautiful rendition. Thank you for sharing it today.