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Sunday At Little Beach

Artist: Bing Futch
Genre: Bing Futch
Duration: 00:06:02

From the 2008 release, Kokopelli Rising.

Bing Futch
04/12/21 10:24:23AM @bing-futch:

Robin Thompson:

This has a strong heartbeat-- with headphones on, I felt it!  Very cool.  

Thanks, Robin! This was my first remix collaboration based on a solo dulcimer piece called "Raga 111806."  Stu Wilson took my dulcimer track and added all of the guitar, keyboards and that subtle drum heartbeat.  Since I didn't play to a click track, my tempo sped up and slowed down a little, which is why he craftily phased it in and out.  Glad you enjoyed it!

Robin Thompson
04/12/21 08:34:18AM @robin-thompson:

This has a strong heartbeat-- with headphones on, I felt it!  Very cool.