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@IRENE, 07/25/20 05:08:46PM
Bob, I'm making a new dulcimer for a client that i know will play it and not have it as a "wall hanger". I've been using Chinese made banjo tuners and I'd like to try some other tuners. I've read all I can on Perfection planetary geared cello tuners at $109.00 and Wittner geared pegs @ $128.99 Cello tuners. I tried calling the VIOLIN SHOP but not open on Saturdays. If you have tried either of these, what would you prefer and why? Voilin ones are cheaper, but I think they might look small on the size of dulcimer that I make. WHAT SAY YE? aloha, irene
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@Aussievet, 12/22/19 05:52:00PM