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Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:21
traditional song on mountain dulcimer with vocals Folkcraft dulcimer and a D#-A#-D# tuning
Gordon Hardy
10/25/19 11:01:26AM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you for this, your playing and singing are lovely!

Janene Millen
10/25/19 10:14:39AM @janene-millen:

Thank you for your kind comments. Encouraging. 

Playing for people can be daunting, but singing for others to hear, for some of us, can be terrifying.

Sue Small
10/23/19 05:38:40PM @sue-small:

So nice!!


Dusty Turtle
10/22/19 12:55:01AM @dusty-turtle:

I could listen to you forever, Janene. flower

John W. McKinstry
10/21/19 10:27:18PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Absolutely beautiful.Your natural singing along with your playing of the dulcimer was a real treat. Thank you for sharing

10/21/19 07:16:49AM @dulcinina:

That was beautiful, Janene.

10/20/19 10:09:52PM @irene:

this was just beautiful!!!   I love your singing voice...and yes, how you play your dulcimer with this song....all goes perfectly together.  makes me want to learn chords and play a dulcimer like this.  aloha, irene

Steven Berger
10/20/19 06:14:48PM @steven-berger: