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Jessica Comeau- The New Potatoes (Arranged and Performed on Mountain Dulcimer)

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Duration: 00:01:39
This clear autumn day extended the invitation to wander for a while on the nearby UWF nature trail. I stopped briefly on some steps to play "The New Potatoes."
Salt Springs
01/03/16 09:27:17PM @salt-springs: are one gifted, joy, joy.........superb in every way........several years ago I went on a musical, Guinness inspired trip through Ireland and heard countless musicians.......your skill is such that all who presented have yet to attain...........

Jessica Comeau
11/03/14 12:51:22PM @jessica-comeau:

Thank you, Gary! This piece is a lot of fun to play. :-)

Gary McNaughton
11/01/14 10:00:15AM @gary-mcnaughton:
Excellent as usual :-)
Jessica Comeau
10/29/14 04:14:02PM @jessica-comeau:

I was determined to share it with you, Dusty! Thank you for coming by and enjoying my song! :-)

Dusty Turtle
10/28/14 12:20:09PM @dusty:

Very pretty playing, Jessica. And you get extra credit for not getting flustered by the bike. What concentration!

Jessica Comeau
10/28/14 11:37:04AM @jessica-comeau:

You're welcome, Theresa, and thank you! :-)

Jessica Comeau
10/28/14 11:36:15AM @jessica-comeau:

Thanks, Brian! :-)I know we both enjoy Celtic music on the mountain dulcimer.

Jessica Comeau
10/28/14 11:34:53AM @jessica-comeau:

Thank you, Robin! I appreciate your taking the time to listen. :-)

Jessica Comeau
10/28/14 11:31:05AM @jessica-comeau:

Thank you, Patty, and thank you for listening! :-)

Jessica Comeau
10/28/14 11:30:39AM @jessica-comeau:

I, too, was surprised by the bike, Ken, but I daresay things like that willappear when you choose to film in a public area, so I decided to embrace the "candidness" and keep the video. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed my songand the forest aesthetic!

Jessica Comeau
10/28/14 11:26:37AM @jessica-comeau:

The nature trail is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit, Cindy! You are welcome to visit anytime if you are passing through Pensacola! :-) I appreciate your kind words... Thank you!

Brian G.
10/27/14 08:57:14PM @brian-g:

Very nice Jessica!

Robin Clark
10/27/14 06:52:33AM @robin-clark:

That's lovely! Great playing Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
10/26/14 09:54:55PM @patty-from-virginia:

Beautiful playing and beautiful scenery!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Ken Backer
10/26/14 03:00:49PM @ken-backer:

Jessica, I echo what Cindy just posted. Like a maiden in the forest playing for the wildlife and trees. Now if we could just get rid of that bicycle rider that went by..Grin.gif

Cindy Stammich
10/25/14 11:00:38PM @cindy-stammich:
Jessica, this was beautiful! The music, the setting - everything! Makes me wish I was there!
Jessica Comeau
10/25/14 07:41:36PM @jessica-comeau:

That is so sweet of you to say, Melvin! :-) I think you've identifieda sourceofinspiration for me...I do love Elvish things!

Jessica Comeau
10/25/14 07:36:02PM @jessica-comeau:

I'm glad you like my song, Ron! Thank you. :-)

Jessica Comeau
10/25/14 07:35:30PM @jessica-comeau:

Thank you so much, Edward. :-) Do you know what? The official name of the trail on which I filmed this video is called the "Edward Ball Nature Trail"! Look at this picture!

John Keane
10/25/14 08:54:59AM @john-keane:

Wonderful job, Jessica! Karen and I hope to see you & Dee Dee again soon...y'all have a great Cracker Barrel! Grin.gif