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For Karen, Forever June 2016

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:34
John Keane performing an original tune at Arkladulcifest 2016. This performance was dedicated to Karen Keane as part of their 28th wedding anniversary.
John Keane
06/12/16 02:27:47PM @john-keane:

Thanks Helen...much appreciated!  Summer is beginning to lock in here, so you must be enjoying some pleasantly cool temperatures these days.

Helen Seiler
06/11/16 08:20:48PM @helen-seiler:

Awe, congratulations guys and great playing there John, wish i could strum like that. A lovely composition too.heart

John Keane
06/10/16 08:14:41PM @john-keane:

Thanks Steve...much appreciated!

Steve Battarbee
06/10/16 06:43:49PM @steve-battarbee:

I like it John

and congratulations to you both!!

Karen Keane
06/10/16 03:47:46PM @karen-keane:

I was four...and that would make me a ripe old age of 32.  LOL. That's my story and I am sticking to it.  Great job honey!!!

John Keane
06/10/16 03:20:29PM @john-keane:

Thank y'all so much!  I think Karen was like 4 when we got married lol!


06/10/16 02:19:31PM @strumelia:

John rackin' up those brownie points...  ;D

Congratulations you two!

Terry Wilson
06/10/16 02:07:44PM @terry-wilson:

Double wow wow.  Congratulations John, Karen.

Dusty Turtle
06/10/16 11:57:50AM @dusty-turtle:

28? Wow! Congratulations, you two.  Did you get married when you were 5?