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Location: Ludwigsburg, Baden Württemberg
Country: Germany

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Mix of two Irish Jigs

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:34
Mix aus 2 Irish Jigs: The Rose in the Heather / The Frost is All Over.
Dulcimus Konzertdulcimer
Martin Oesterle
Cindy Stammich
10/09/18 06:39:16PM @cindy-stammich:

I love your style!  This was so much fun!

And I LOVE the camera shot from the sound hole!  Awesome!

Martin Oesterle
09/20/18 04:07:37AM @martin-oesterle:

Thank you Terry, thank you Ken for the comment.
@ Christine Thank you. Yes i love the sound of the "Dulcimus Konzertdulcimer" too.
It´s a little bit bigger than a standard Mountain Dulcimer. So the sound is verry loud ans strong. I guess it´s similar to your Dulciborn. Maybe you can try the instrument. Maybe i export the Dulcimus Dulcimers to USA some day happys


Terry Wilson
09/19/18 10:41:02AM @terry-wilson:

I always enjoy your videos, Martin.  Your instruments are beautiful.

Germany holds a special place in my life, from the late sixties.  A most beautiful country.

Christine Shoemaker
09/17/18 07:59:28PM @christine-shoemaker:

Oooh - I really like this, Martin!  I would love to try one of your gorgeous dulcimers someday.  heart  The shot from the sound hole...very creative and superbly done!  clap

Ken Longfield
09/13/18 12:07:13PM @ken-longfield:

I enjoyed your playing and like the sound of your instruments. Thank you for sharing this video.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."


Martin Oesterle
09/12/18 05:03:39AM @martin-oesterle:

Thank you Ariane - thank you Elvensong for the comments.

09/12/18 02:40:24AM @ariane:

Wonderful playing and sound, Martin! You are a perfect duo.

09/11/18 07:12:45PM @elvensong:

Bravo! Love the POV shot from the soundhole. Your dulcimers have a wonderful tone. Well done!