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Brian&Lisa HellUpCoalHoller

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11/23/14 05:48:54AM @sam:

... still a favoriteSmile.gif

04/11/12 10:22:53AM @strumelia:

Thank you Peter!

Peter Tommerup
04/11/12 04:53:33AM @peter-tommerup:

Hi Lisa,

Nice tune! Wish I could hear you on the MD better on my less than wonderful computer speakers. I like what I can make out as MD, though! Grin.gif



10/08/09 10:00:42PM @teri-west:
More please?????
09/16/09 06:48:24PM @foggers:
Hi Lisa - this is fantastic! The fiddle and MD work so well together and it is great to see you in action..... now we want more!!
Robin Thompson
09/12/09 10:03:31PM @robin-thompson:
Great tune, Lisa-- I love the pairing of a fiddle and a dulcimer! Please let your fiddler know he's a star on FOTMD :-)
Patrick O'Brien
09/12/09 07:23:35PM @patrick-obrien:
Great tune and out doors ta boot!!
09/12/09 06:02:06PM @strumelia:
Hi Ron,Yes I confess I am an "inny". I'm also left handed/ambidexterous. I find I swim against the tide in many things.It was chilly last evening at the farmer's market, partly because it was misting/drizzling and damp, with a breeze, and about 60F which made it seem like 55F and we were outside playing for 2 hours. I almost put my fingerless gloves on, but not quite cold enough yet.I just realized that's the same hat I'm wearing in my avatar. It was knit for me by fiddler Bruce Greene's partner Loy 2 years ago when we visited them in the mountains of North Carolina. She lined it with flannel that has little bee designs on it. I have another wool hat I added 'braids' to as well. I call them my 'headresses'. LOL
09/12/09 01:15:03PM @strumelia:
Thanks you guys, thanks Randy! :)Yes it is the only tune so far on video- and taken with my crummy digital still camera- not meant for taking videos.I'll try to get some more soon. I'm kinda in the Dark Ages.Gumby- that's funny. You mean: Casper ? ;D
Randy Adams
09/12/09 01:02:01PM @randy-adams:
Luv the way you accentuate the fiddle w/your dulcimer rhthyms Lisa...& the abstract...I guess is the word... way you play off the melody....& betcha that ain't the only tune ya gots on vid...coff 'em up!....gumby probly played the next tune huh?....wanna hear it!... : )..Brians a dang good fiddler...this is fun!...
09/12/09 11:59:08AM @strumelia:
I should mention that I play this a little differently that I normally play- I don't do much sliding at all on this particular tune- it has a lot of syncopated note stepping and it sounds best that way when I echo what the fiddle is doing, either the same notes or sometimes in a higher harmony as you can see. In most other tunes I tend to play more slides with my noter.You can't really see the noter in this video, but it is there right under my index finger...otherwise I'd have sawed my finger off long ago! ;D
09/12/09 11:54:36AM @strumelia:
Teri, the oldest source we know of is from a very scratchy perhaps circa early 1950's? recording of a west Virginia fiddler named Andrew Burnside playing it, accompanied by Gilbert Massey beating straws on Andrew's fiddle. Unfortunately the recording is very deteriorated and hard to hear, and you can't hear the straw beating at all. One can barely make out the tune. It's a great tune, isn't it? I'm so lucky to be married to such a wonderful fiddler who happens to be a wonderful person to boot!There are a few other modern fiddlers playing this tune now, but each one has their own unique take on the tune. I just heard another more peppy, less spooky version by another fiddler friend of ours. I love Brian's version best...but then I'm very biased! ;)Here's a tiny snippet of info about Burnside from the internet:"The highway building projects of the New Deal and the post-war boom open themountains to more than the extraction of coal. A national folk revival developed in theearly 1950s, as folknik college students traveled into the mountains in search of bothfolk songs to sing in the coffee houses and folk performers to showcase in the festivalsthat began in this era. Patrick Gainer, a folklorist at West Virginia University, foundedwhat evolved into the West Virginia State Folk Festival. Quentin Barrett, a schoolprincipal on Marsh Fork, brought Andrew Burnside and Gilbert Massey from Rock Creekto perform at the festival, and their traditional fiddling and straw-beating was depicted onthe cover of Ford Times, as Barrett recalled. In 1952, Bea and Everett Lilly left ClearCreek for Boston, Massachusetts, and launched an eighteen-year career playing at theHillbilly Ranch."
Bill Lewis
09/12/09 08:28:12AM @bill-lewis:
That's great Lisa and Brian. Thanks for sharing.Bill
Rod Westerfield
09/12/09 12:15:43AM @rod-westerfield:
Nice great job... thanks for sharing looks colder there...
09/11/09 11:43:42PM @teri-west:
I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any background on the song? Teri