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Shall We Gather At The River?

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Duration: 00:02:54
Lyrics: SHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER? Words & Music: Robert Lowry, 1864; first published in Happy Voices, 1865, number 220 "A pure river of water of life, cl...
08/23/17 12:59:09AM @marg:

Very nice, thanks for sharing.


05/12/12 10:02:20AM @sam:

Had me wanting to sing along. I enjoyed your playing.

Joy W.
01/31/12 09:03:01PM @joy-w:

I hadn't thought of this song in a while although I used to direct a handbell choir and this was one of our favorites. Since I knew the tune I went ahead and played along with your video. Thanks for lettin' me "jam" with you! Smile.gif

Kimberly C.
01/23/12 10:27:10PM @kimberly-c:

Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing!

John Keane
01/22/12 08:18:08PM @john-keane:

Very nicely done. I love the hat too. Smile.gif

David Bennett
01/22/12 06:18:13PM @david-bennett:

Thanks Macy Jayne, since I have limitations with my hands and fingers and can't play chords I was looking to add something different.

Macy Jayne
01/22/12 05:46:48PM @macy-jayne:

Very nice playing David, I like how you started with the melody and then added the drones later to build the song up.