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Skye Boat Song

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Duration: 00:01:42
This version of the traditional Skye Boat Song is based on an arrangement by Ron Beardslee. It is a good exercise in using the barre chord. I wish the audio were better, but my cell phone does a better job with video than with audio.I am playing a cherry and spruce dulcimer by Rick Probst.
Dusty Turtle
02/15/16 02:33:48AM @dusty-turtle:

I would love to memorize the songs and  close my eyes like you do. I'm sitting up at attention reading the tab. Ohhhh... Someday.  Blessings Bliss

Blissness, we all learn differently.  I have trouble playing from tab. If I look at tab, I can't watch my fingers on the fretboard.  So I have a much easier time playing by ear. In this particular case, though, I played from tab written by Ron Beardslee. We play this in our local dulcimer group, so I at the bare minimum I played it a handful of times every month for a year or two. Eventually, I had the tune in my head and began to play without tab, only referring to tab when I got stuck. Over time I got stuck less often and now simply know the tune. Also, the more you play a given tune, the more "muscle memory" kicks in and your fingers just know what to do. I usually find that by the time I can play a piece of tab well, I don't need it anymore and simply know the song.


02/14/16 02:59:20PM @blissness:

I would love to memorize the songs and 

close my eyes like you do. I'm sitting up at attention reading the tab. Ohhhh... Someday. 

Blessings Bliss

Dusty Turtle
03/08/15 12:17:10AM @dusty-turtle:

No workshops necessary, Jan. Make your way out here and we'll play all week long!


Jan Potts
03/07/15 09:26:54PM @jan-potts:

Dusty, whenever you decide to do a workshop for a week out in CA, I'll try to come!Grin.gif

Dusty Turtle
10/23/14 01:38:29AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, Cindy. It just tickles me so much to get such enthusiastic reaction to my playing.

Cindy Stammich
10/22/14 11:19:15PM @cindy-stammich:
Oh my gosh, I just listened to this......6 or 7 times and can't get enough!I love it!!!
Dusty Turtle
10/22/14 09:23:25PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Ms. Geekling.

Dusty Turtle
10/22/14 11:46:23AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Patty and Timothy.

I definitely love this dulcimer, Patty, but I also have a couple of other really special dulcimers. I really like the bass response on my Modern Mountain Dulcimer and my Blue Lion, but this Probst has much better balance. All three are excellent instruments.

Timothy, I cannot take credit for the arrangement. Ron Beardslee arranged it for our local dulcimer group and gave me permission to use it. You might compare this version with the version Guy Babusek postednot long ago. His version centers more around the middle of the fretboard whereas I make use of more open strings and more barre chords.

10/22/14 09:35:18AM @timothy:

That dulcimer sounds very rich and full; love it!

Wonderful arrangement, also. Just learned this tune last year on the guitar, and your beautiful arrangement has inspired me to try this on the dulcimer.Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
10/22/14 09:29:40AM @patty-from-virginia:

Dusty, that is beautiful. I think your cell phone did a good job capturing the audio. So, is this now your favorite dulcimer?Smile.gifIt has an incredible sound.

Dusty Turtle
10/22/14 12:56:28AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for listening, Karen and Dan. I appreciate your comments.

Dan Hottenroth
10/21/14 11:11:10PM @dan-hottenroth:

Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.

Karen Keane
10/21/14 07:03:09PM @karen-keane:
Great arrangement of this song Dusty. I love the sound of the dulcimer. I am working on that look up and smile thing too. It is getting better, but I'm not there just yet!
Dusty Turtle
10/21/14 03:30:35PM @dusty-turtle:

Ha! Kristi, it's too late; you can't have it back33.gif.It's mine, all mine I say.15.gifBwah ha ha ha!

Seriously, though, I can't thank you enough.6.gif8.gif

Kristi Keller
10/21/14 11:55:32AM @kristi-keller:

Howdy DT

Sounds very nice. Rich tone. Sure you want to keep this dulcimer?

Dusty Turtle
10/21/14 11:21:55AM @dusty-turtle:

John, Steve, and Brian, thanks so much for your comments. I know Rick Probst would love to be able to make more dulcimers, so if anyone is interested, I urge you to contact him. His more recent builds look just like this one but with a deeper body, so they have even more volume. His brother (also a woodworker) on the east coast plays dulcimer and complained that dulcimers aren't loud enough to be heard in multi-instrument jams. Rick took that as a challenge and came up with his unique design for dulcimers. I first saw one when Joellen Lapidus had one at the Redwood Dulcimer Day a couple of years ago and was really impressed.

Guy, I think of this arrangement as a beginners version compared to yours. And in truth it was arranged by Ron Beardslee specifically to teach the barre chord at our local dulcimer group. But the more I played it the prettier it sounded to me.

Brian G.
10/21/14 10:49:09AM @brian-g:

Very nice Dusty. I've always loved this tune and it sounds great here. :)

Guy Babusek
10/21/14 10:28:24AM @guy-babusek:

Not simple at all, Dusty. The melody is kept very strong. Nice rendition!

Steve Battarbee
10/21/14 08:48:00AM @steve-battarbee:

Really nice version well played and a beatiful dulcinmer too

John Keane
10/21/14 05:54:01AM @john-keane:

I think you found a great sounding dulcimer! Great job with the playing too!