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Three-Legged Skunk -- original composition

musician/member name: Dusty T
Duration: 00:01:26
Many years ago I met a three-legged skunk. That little critter left an impression on me and I have finally honored it with this little ditty.

I am playing a baritone dulcimette made of walnut and cedar by Ron Ewing and tuned G#D#g# or somewhere thereabouts.
Cindy Stammich
04/09/17 07:36:14PM @cindy-stammich:

Ha!  I didn't think a 3-legged skunk could be so much fun!!!  grin


Dusty Turtle
03/29/17 06:26:11PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Sam.

03/29/17 05:59:33AM @sam:

WHEW! That skunk had any more legs I don't b'lieve I could keep with him a'tall !  Nice Dusty.

Dusty Turtle
03/26/17 11:23:37PM @dusty-turtle:

Hi Mary.  I think Loudon considers the dead skunk song to be a silly novelty compared to his more serious work. If he had another hit and wasn't defined in pop music's eye with the dead skunk song maybe he'd perform it occasionally.

I hope you don't mind if I find it really funny that the skunk sprayed only into your car.  Did you ever get the smell out?

Mary MacGowan
03/26/17 11:17:11PM @mary-macgowan:

Didn't know Loudon won't perform his dead skunk hit, what a dummy.  @Steven-Berger , I ran over a skunk who sprayed directly into my ventilation system of my car. I pulled over and got out, thinking I needed to get away from the smell, wondering why everybody wasn't grossed out in the nearby vicinity. Well, it was only in the interior of my car! Peeooee!

Love your lively little tune on such a sweet instrument - just right for a little one with only 3 legs. Nice!

Dusty Turtle
03/25/17 11:29:49PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, John. I trust Anne kept her distance.

John W. McKinstry
03/25/17 04:00:55PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Dusty, We really enjoyed "Three Legged Skunk". Two weeks ago Anne saw one in the morning, it also seemed to have three legs.

Dusty Turtle
03/22/17 10:56:19PM @dusty-turtle:

Ha!  Thanks, Steve. Even a three-legged skunk is, well, a skunk, so I knew to keep my distance.

Steve Battarbee
03/22/17 04:58:25PM @steve-battarbee:

Smelling good there Dusty!

Like it!

Dusty Turtle
03/22/17 01:46:49AM @dusty-turtle:

Strumelia: Hey Dusty- you look like you lost some weight-  cutting down on the seafood pasta...?  spaghetti

In fact, I have lost some weight, although I don't have a single trick to share with people. I had always been pretty active, but as middle age, a desk job, and a kid to raise all descended on my life, I found myself gaining weight.  I joined a gym and began to run on a treadmill pretty regularly, but for several years nothing happened. I stopped gaining, but I wasn't losing either.  But around the same time I started doing more core exercises like planking and also started eating better.  Instead of pasta three times a week, now it's three times a month.  I am much more conscious about eating protein more often and have cut down significantly on bread.  I have also been getting more sleep.  Last June and July I basically shed all the weight I had gained since my freshman year in college in the mid 1980s.  It feels pretty good to have my face and my waist back.  And it's funny that people who have seen me a lot over the last 5 years or so comment on my weight loss, but people who knew me before--even if they saw the large version of me--usually don't notice.

03/21/17 11:15:46PM @strumelia:

Hey Dusty- you look like you lost some weight-  cutting down on the seafood pasta...?  spaghetti

Randy Adams
03/21/17 10:35:05PM @randy-adams:

One of my Dad's favorite gag/routines.

"Dead skunk laying in the middle of the road I one it."

"I two it"

"I three it"

"I four it"

"I five it"

"I six it"

"I seven it"

"I ate it!"


"I jumped over it and you ate it!"


"I one it"

"You can have it!"

Dusty Turtle
03/21/17 10:02:17PM @dusty-turtle:

My favorite singer/songwriter is Loudon Wainwright III. He only had one big hit, which was this novelty song that he refuses to perform in concert.

Steven Berger
03/21/17 09:53:09PM @steven-berger:

Years ago, when I was still living in NJ, One of my buddies bought a brand-new Cadillac. As he was driving it home from the dealership, he accidently ran over a live skunk. It sprayed his brand-new Cadillac, putting a whole new meaning to the term "That new-car smell".

He owned that car for a couple of years, but he was never quite able to get rid of that odor (maybe it was our imaginations)...his wife refused to ride in it, as did we.

Anyway, him being a good pal, we were all very sympathetic laughlaugh .



Dusty Turtle
03/21/17 09:45:53PM @dusty-turtle:

Randy, I think your story is way better than my song. Too bad you didn't get to make a skunk-skin Daniel Boone hat.  I remember a fake coon-skin cap I had when I was a kid.  I loved it for a few years at least, but I must have looked a fool running around the Connecticut suburbs with that thing on my head and pretending to trap beaver.

Dusty Turtle
03/21/17 09:42:16PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Lexie. I have been playing this song a bunch.  It's kinda short, but the first part especially is fun to play.  It even got my daughter dancing around the house today.

Randy Adams
03/21/17 08:53:51PM @randy-adams:

When I was in 7th thru 9th grade We lived in a small town in KS and I worked for an old lady named Pearl Chenoweth. 25 cents an hour and lots of time I didn't charge her. She was an very interesting person. She had what I remember to be about 4 acres of land and grew all her own food. Made me squash pancakes with raspberry syrup. She had chickens. I heard she laid naked in one of her out buildings but I never looked! Very smart and intellectual lady. Gave me a hard cover Websters dictionary when I graduated 8th grade. I had it for a long time but can't find it now. She was a hippy before hippys and I liked that.

I pulled weeds and hauled manure all over the place and......here we go .....When the skunks or coons or possums tunneled into the chicken coops it was my job to trap them and dispatch them.

One Sunday morning early She called excited said I got a civit cat, that's what she called skunks, and I went up the hill to her place. It was a beautiful skunk and for some reason I thought I'd make me a skunk skin cap...like Daniel Boone 'cept with a skunk....what??? ...I knew nothing about making a cap out of animal hide but I skinned it and headed for home.

When I walked into our yard everyone was dressed for church...Dad was already there he was the preacher....and Mom saw me with that skunk skin and just threw a fit! Made me bury it and promise not to dig it up! 

I didn't have to go to church that Sunday! ...  : ) ....so it was pretty much worth it all.....

So.... I don't have a skunk song Dusty but that's my skunk story.... : ) ..... my Funk #49 story




Lexie R Oakley
03/21/17 07:02:22PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Wow, Dusty what a fun song....Love It! dulcimer  jive  Play it again Dusty, Yah!

Dusty Turtle
03/21/17 06:17:05PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for the encouragement, Val and Strumelia.  

Yeah, baby skunks are super-cute.  The three-legged guy (or gal) I met was missing its right front paw.  I guess I was relatively safe after all.

03/21/17 05:50:13PM @strumelia:

Oh this was huge fun Dusty!  The ending is sweet too.

If you friend was missing a front leg then it would seriously impair his ability to spray, since they stand on their two front feet to do so i think!

We were trying to trap a woodchuck under our shed a few years ago and wound up getting this little four legged cutie instead (and we simply released him again):

lil stinker.jpg