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Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn/Cader Idris -- Welsh medley

musician/member name: Dusty T
Duration: 00:02:49
I play two traditional Welsh airs on mountain dulcimer. The first is translated as "Watching the Wheat" or "Watching the White Wheat" and the second is the name of a mountain in Wales. I thank the extraordinary noter/drone player @Robin-Clark for pointing me to these beautiful tunes and encourage you to check out his versions of them on SoundCloud.

I am playing a dulcimer made by Terry McCafferty tuned C#G#c#.
Dusty Turtle
07/15/19 01:18:45PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for listening, @Terry-Wilson. I'm working on another slow welsh air now that I'll hopefully post pretty soon as well.

Terry Wilson
07/15/19 12:27:34PM @terry-wilson:

Dusty, absolutely beautiful.  As we get older, as least for me, things to be beautifully slowing down.  Your song rings true.

Dusty Turtle
07/11/19 06:17:20PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, @Elvensong. I used to be kind of afraid to play super slow since every mistake is magnified.  But these tunes just call for a soft, patient approach.

07/11/19 02:25:46PM @elvensong:

You have a wonderful touch, Dusty. It's nice to hear the quiet side of the dulcimer

Dusty Turtle
07/08/19 11:28:06AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for listening, @Sam.  The tuning I used is the same as DAd with all the strings tuned down a half note. For soft fingerpicking I like the extra give in the strings.  Conversely, when I flatpick, I like really tight strings and sometimes tune to D# or E.

And thanks for such a nice comment, @Irene.  I hope the rest of your day is filled with more music.

07/08/19 08:27:03AM @irene:

I listened and looked this early morning.   WONDERFUL WAY to start the day.  Thank you for all you teach and now play here.   just LOVELY.  today I string up a new dulcimer for a friend that's buying it.  The "nickel and dime" testing will be on my menu today.   aloha, irene

07/08/19 04:58:16AM @sam:

Beautifully played Dusty. I've never tried that tuning, sure works for you!

Dusty Turtle
07/06/19 03:23:55PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for your encouragement, @Macaodha.  The melodies are so pretty they need little embellishment.

07/03/19 05:09:51PM @macaodha:

Wonderful playing Dusty.

Dusty Turtle
07/02/19 11:18:05AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, @Bill-S.  In general I learn by ear, so I listened to a bunch of renditions of these tunes and then figured out a basic version on the dulcimer.  Then I created draft tab.

But I'm stuck now in the process, struggling between creating tab that follows the standard music notation and tab that follows the way I play the tunes.  For example, on really slow tunes like this I sometimes move to a melody note significantly earlier than you are supposed to.  I think that creates a smoother experience and some forward momentum.  But I don't know if I should put that in the tab, since someone learning the tune from the tab might not be sure of what the standard melody is supposed to be.

Bill S
07/02/19 10:46:28AM @bill-s:

Wonderfully played Dusty.  I imagine you tabbed the music, and what a lovely arrangement it is.

Dusty Turtle
07/01/19 09:52:20PM @dusty-turtle:

Aw shucks, @Cindy-Stammich.  Thanks!

Cindy Stammich
07/01/19 08:35:12PM @cindy-stammich:

Ohhhhh myyyyy - sooooo beautiful!!!!

Dusty Turtle
07/01/19 07:08:39PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, @Gordon-Hardy and @Bob. I appreciate greatly your comments.

07/01/19 12:22:42PM @bob:

Very lovely... peaceful melodies and wonderful playing- as usual!

Gordon Hardy
07/01/19 11:27:37AM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you for this Dusty, they are indeed beautiful songs but your gentle finger tip playing is very special!

Dusty Turtle
06/30/19 12:17:55AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, @Steven-Berger.  It's the songs themselves that are beautiful; I just try to stay out of the way.  I appreciate your listening and taking the time to comment.

Steven Berger
06/29/19 10:57:58PM @steven-berger:

Simply put, Dusty, beautiful playing!