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Morning Blues

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Duration: 00:01:53
Dusty and daughter sing "Morning Blues" accompanied by a student model dulcimer made by David "Harpmaker" Lynch and tuned DAd. I first learned this traditional country blues from a recording by the Jim Kweskin Jug Band.For David "Harpmaker" Lynch visit Sweet Woods Instruments at http://www.strothers.com/sweetwoodsinstruments.com/index.html .
Guy Babusek
09/15/14 11:01:19PM @guy-babusek:

Whoa! How did I miss seeing that one???? LOVE!!!Grin.gif

Dusty Turtle
09/15/14 10:18:44PM @dusty:

Thanks, Paul. We don't call her "Bubbles" for nothing!

Paul Killian
09/15/14 10:01:50PM @paul-killian:

Real nice duet. The playing and singing were great. I loved your daughter's obvious enthusiasm.

Dusty Turtle
09/15/14 03:54:20PM @dusty:

Thanks so much, 10ashus. My daughter is far more interested in soccer and the piano than she is in singing with me these days. But if I can get her to do another duet I'll definitely post it here.

09/14/14 03:08:15PM @10ashus:

Like the song and the strumming demo; love the father-daughter singing. Encore. Encore.

03/06/14 01:12:12PM @bobby-maxspop-bingham:

Wonderful job!!! Blues "aint" so blue!!! Ya'll did good

Robin Thompson
03/05/14 08:39:24PM @robin-thompson:
Please tell Bubbles that Mark and I are fans of the Bubbles and Dusty duo!
Dusty Turtle
03/04/14 11:50:34PM @dusty:

Thanks, Robin. It's a lot of fun making music with Bubbles (that's her chosen internet name for the moment).

Robin Thompson
03/04/14 11:04:03PM @robin-thompson:
The eternal third- grader in our home and I love this, Dusty!
Dusty Turtle
03/04/14 07:06:08PM @dusty:

John, I would be reluctant to attribute too much of a dulcimer's sound to any one variable like shape or wood type. I'm sure a McSpadden teardrop sounds much closer to the McSpadden hourglass than it does to this teardrop. Among other things, David does not appear to use any heavy finishes on the wood, so it is possible that enables the wood to vibrate more, creating greater volume. Just a theory. But the dulcimer does have a nice punch to it, like an old Gibson mandolin.

John Turner
03/04/14 06:35:53PM @john-turner:

Yes Dusty> My student teardrop sounds really great too. In my last message I meant to say all my other dulcimers are " hourglass " models, so this is my first teardrop and I think it sounds stronger and fuller with that shaped sound box.

All the best for now.Silly John Fan T.

Dusty Turtle
03/03/14 11:41:42PM @dusty:

Hey Silly John Fan T. Nice to hear from you here. Yes, it's amazing how nice this student model sounds. I think it is definitely the best dulcimer value out there. It also makes me wonder about David Lynch's performance model.

John Turner
03/03/14 07:30:04PM @john-turner:

Hello Dusty Turtle. You may remember I commented on your playing on youtube a month or more ago by the name of sillyfan. I was delighted to find you are a member here. Having all teardrop solid wood dulcimers, I wanted to know what the David Lynch laminated student teardrop dulcimer sounded like, so hearing yours on youtube convinced me. I've just received the same dulcimer with 1 1/2 & 8 1/2 frets added as is yours from David Lynch and it sounds and plays as good as all my solid ones; three McSpadden, one Folkcraft and one Ron Gibson. So thanks for convincing me with you great video. John T (sillyfan)

Dusty Turtle
12/13/13 02:22:23PM @dusty:

Thanks so much, Gwyn, Scott, and Cheryl. I love singing with my daughter. Hopefully we'll post another video soon.

Cheryl Johnson
12/13/13 02:15:15PM @cheryl-johnson:

This made me smile big....no way I could have the blues!! Loved it!

Scott Allen
12/13/13 02:01:01PM @scott-allen:

Love it!

Gwyn Calvetti
12/13/13 01:58:55PM @gwyn-calvetti:

What a wonderful gift! Looks like you're both having fun there.

Dusty Turtle
12/06/13 01:27:33AM @dusty:

Thanks so much, Robin, Helen (again!), and Mike. Now that my daughter has seen how much people like the video, she says she'll bewilling to do another. Stay tuned.

Helen Seiler
12/05/13 05:50:41PM @helen-seiler:

Dusty, I wake up a bit ordinary some days. This video has become the perfect cure. Just makes me smile every time. Thanks.Smile.gif

Robin Clark
12/03/13 10:53:20AM @robin-clark:

That's GREAT !!!Grin.gif Grin.gif Grin.gif 36.gif 36.gif 36.gif 113.gif 69.gif 41.gif 41.gif 41.gif